Muse and the music-and a little bit of signage!

After over a year of working with Peri, I found her soul yesterday. It’s going to be a hell of a series. At the end of the link here, you can click to listen. Banks-Before I Ever Met You.

HollowsInsiderAlso, did you know the glow-in-the-dark HOLLOWS INSIDER is soon to become an extinct species? I signed like twenty of them last weekend in Florida, but that’s not going to last. They will becoming trade paperback this year, and the new copy will not glow in the dark. I think you can still get them, but they are becoming harder to find, and in a few months? (shrug) I don’t know if the Virginia Festival of the Book will have them onsite this next weekend when I sign there with Palmer, Pattersson, and Frost,  (event schedule) but Nicola’s still has a few, and I’ll put my name on this first edition for you if you hustle. 🙂 They have a bunch of my other titles, too.


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7 responses to “Muse and the music-and a little bit of signage!

  1. Mendi in STL

    Heyde Hey!

    Hmmm….doesn’t seem that I sent you an SASE for the Ever After freebie cause I don’t see it in my little collection. WHAT?! (Will rectify that shortly.)

  2. Criss

    I love that song! Now I am even more interested in your new series. I look forward to meeting Peri when the time comes.

  3. Oh I’m a lover of the song 3 bars in. Wonderful!

    And thank the Gods I got my book! I’ve been trying to be able to purchase one since it came out and I finally got it as a gift. The last one my store had. LOVE IT.

  4. Vicky Tea

    The song is gorgeous and dark and seductive! So excited to meet Peri! Even if that will be for awhile yet.

  5. Glad you’re still excited about Peri and her series. The song is great–opens up all kinds of possibilities for me to imagine about Peri until we actually get to meet her!

  6. vampyre

    Howdy ma’am,

    How long will it be before we get to see Peri? I’m looking forward to it.


  7. Ana

    I bought mine yesterday in Amazon 🙂
    I’d love to have it signed by you, but the shipping to Spain must be terrifying 😦

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