Packing for the weekend in Florida!

I’ll be in Florida this weekend at the South West Florida Reading Festival for a one-day event at  Fort Myers. I can’t wait! The last time I was in Fort Myers I was on a sailboat in the middle of February, and I think I was writing Princess at Sea, actually, so it’s been a while. I’m sure things have changed. We’ve got a dusting of snow again, so I’ll be happy to be in sun and sand, my natural habitat, though I manage to be happy just about anywhere you plant me. Kind of like mint or dandelions.

If you’re going to be in the area, come on down to see me and Jeaniene Frost. We’ve got an hour to fill, and I honestly don’t know how to fill an hour without a moderator . . . There will be a chance to sign books afterward, and because I don’t expect the huge lines that a tour brings out, I should be able to relax and sign everything you bring!🙂

HarryAlso, I’ve got to show you Harry the hedgehog. I finished him last weekend, my courage being bolstered by the smaller bunnies I made last month. I’ve never tried critters before these two projects, and I kind of like ’em. Harry turned out sweet. That’s a hot water bottle he’s holding in the one hand. The book and sleeping cap I added on my own seeing as he’s ready for hibernation. He’s an Alan Dart pattern, for those in the know, and stands about a foot tall.

Right now I’m learning how to tunisian crochet, which is kind of tricky until you figure out how to hold the needle. It uses a really long crochet needle, and you do one row putting loops on it, and the return pass taking them off. I had to take out all my stitches I did Monday and Tuesday, but I think I have it figured out–for the moment. It is so easy, and I can imagine that this might be the next craft sensation to be rediscovered as it makes a nice, thick fabric that is versatile.

I’m thinking the hook is innocuous enough to take on the plane. Florida is a three hour flight.


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23 responses to “Packing for the weekend in Florida!

  1. Stacey

    Hey, Miss Kim! This may sound way dorky, but..have you considered maybe doing a fan auction for your adorable hedgehog and use the funds to make a donation to your favorite charity? Or maybe do something similiar with a signed copy of one of your books? If you’ve done this before, I apologize for the repeat. It’s just, you know, you’re a great person and your fans are really great people too. Maybe give the donation to an animal shelter in honor of Rex? Just musing. Thanks for your books and all the time you put in them!!

  2. Deborah L.

    Hi Kim,

    I just finished reading Ever After and loved it. It was very revealing of the history between elves and demons and I am both awed at the richness you’ve provided both histories and horrified by the same. So much pain but I like the point that many “monsters” are made by abuse and the demons can be so monstrous.

    I was a little mystified at the way she seemed to cut Pierce off. They went from astonishing intimacy in one book and the very next shed shoved him from her heart. It seemed abrupt but tend to perceive it as a two fold subconscious understanding of the type of man he was – who in the end was not a match for her – and also a continuation of protecting her heart because of Kisten. I understand why you killed his character and understand that it’s deeply painful to kill a character because you have to so I’ve decided to forgive you for him. 😉. It was necessary.
    I read somewhere that you have a choice to take the series to 12 or 13 books. I hope ou choose 13, not just cause its more for us to read but because Rachel has 2 more big quests: the vampires and saving Ivy’s soul, deciding whether or not vampires souls are shattered at the body’s death and like a broken glass need to be pieces together, or if they’re held in purgatory until the body is done or what. And after that…will Rachel find a way to heal the Ever After? Now there’s a scary task trying to heal all the imbalance. I’d like to see it before the series is done. So be careful. If you’re stopping at 13 and not 20 something which we’d all prefer I hope you give some thoughts to these tasks.

    Thank you for writing these books. I’ve been reading them from the beginning – as in way back whenever it first came out and been waiting patiently one book a year. I know writing – and getting things just right with your characters and their dialogue can be a chore. Thanks for persevering. And thanks for getting them published. You could have been selfish and just kept them for you and your friends. Good work. Is it too soon to ask if you’ve started the next one? Lol. A year is so long to wait


    • Deborah L.

      I apologize for putting this post on this page. Not the place it should have gone. I was on an unfamiliar page and just happy to find some place I could send you something. Have to remember not to jump the gun when I’m using a phone and not my pc


  3. Cat 584

    Harry is adorable Kim. Enjoy the warmth and sunshine!

  4. Jeana Koppel

    Kim, I think Harry is BEYOND adorable. I don’t know how or when you find time to knit and/or crochet, but you inspire me to take it back up, even though I was never this good by any stretch of the imagination.

    Again, I don’t want to pee on your parade, but PLEASE do consider wearing a mask when you work with textiles, even dye-free, organic textiles. The fibers you breathe in with constant crocheting/knitting/quilting are documented cancer causing agents, even for people that have never smoked, or been around smokers, a day in their lives.

    Nothing special or industrial. Just the same cheap masks people wear everyday just to keep from spreading coughs and sneezes will do. It will save your life.

    Your favorite stalker ¥;-),
    Marva Jeana

    • Thanks, Marva, but I’m not working with the yarn in a high stress production environment with speed, tension, and machinery, and the fibers are not becoming friable, hence it’s A-OK.

  5. Alisha Johnson

    Tunisian hooks are TSA approved if they’re bamboo or plastic. I bought a bamboo one a JoAnn’s and took it to Mexico with me this past summer.

  6. Jess

    Bring your sweater/pullover our nights have been a bit chilly down here. Have a great trip & fun event!

  7. Martin

    I hope you have a safe trip, Ms. Harrison. Visualize guardian angels under the wings of the plane.

  8. Have a safe trip and bring some warmer temps back to the midwest area.😉
    Love Harry the hedgehog, you are very talented with thise needles!

  9. As a Native Floridian (One of the Few) Let me say welcome to Florida! Err when you get here. I wish I could be there, but alas, I have class, and a baby shower for a friend, and an Oceanography Exam….I could ditch it all…*sighs* No I can’t. So close yet so far!!! Enjoy your stay! See the beach. Try some gatortail bites. They are delicious!

  10. Howdy ma’am,

    Have fun. I’d sure like to be there to help you and Snowgirl kill that hour. Tell her I said, “Howdy!”®🙂

    Keep making those great crocheted critters. Someday you may have some grandkids to give them to.


  11. SiSi

    Have fun in Floriday! Enjoy the sun and warmth–sounds like we’re in for more cold and snow here in Michigan.

  12. jkh

    I think Harry is adorable. Thanks for the designer credit, gotta go look ’em up. Yes, I agree, check with the airlines about taking those hooks carry-on.

  13. Criss

    Was super excited to find out you would be in my state for the Reading Festival! I will be driving down for it and look forward to being able to see you in person.🙂 The sunshine state has been a little chill the past couple weeks, but this weekend should be nice, if the weather forecasters are to be trusted. Hope your trip is great!

    I love Harry! He’s terribly cute, you did a great job with him!

  14. alexis

    HAVE FUN, kim!! But check with the airline about the crochet needle. Just about the time one assumes something, I’ve found, it turns out the opposite is the case. And if they don’t let it on the plane, u’d feel so frustrated, i think.

  15. Harry’s a real work of art! Have a good trip!

  16. lynn from haverhill

    I love ur creativity and craftiness🙂 very cute. Enjoy the sun!

  17. Crocheting? Cool! I’ve used the tunisian hooks also. (You might want to call to see if they’ll allow the longer crochet hooks on the plane.)

    I love taking crochet breaks between writing and editing.

    Oh, and I’m currently reading EVER AFTER.

    Have a great flight!


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