First Edition, and Freebie Friday!!

No, I’m not giving first editions away free. The freebies are the freebies I’ve been giving away since October and I’m starting to run out! As for first editions? How do you know? Well let me tell you! Every book, be it mass market, or hard cover, has a string of numbers at the bottom of the page that follows the title page. The title page is exactly what it sounds like, and it’s usually where I sign, along with the title and author, and publishing info. But it’s the one following it where all the disclaimers are that you’ll find the edition number. The numbers at the bottom count down from 10 to 1 in the first editions, 10 to 2 in the second editions, 10 to 3 in the third editions, and so on. After the 10th edition, they start over from 20 to 11.

Sometimes I can tell by the feel of the book and the yellowing of the pages if it’s a first edition and I take an extra moment in the signing line to lovingly flip the page to check it out. I’m right about 90% of the time. The other 10% I’m usually way off and the book has just been loved to near death and the owner and I have a laugh and I usually find out it’s been dropped in the tub or passed around to fifteen people. (which I love even more). 🙂 So first editions mean something to me, yes, especially DEAD WITCH WALKING, the only one I really look for. There weren’t a whole lot of them released in comparison to a release now, and I only spot one or two in the entire two weeks that I’m out.

EAhcCoverThe only reason I bring it up today is that I know first editions are important to some of you guys as well, be it mass market or hard cover, and I’ve got a few titles that the first edition will soon be hard to find. Right now, I’m guessing it’s probably 50/50 that the EVER AFTER you find on the shelf or order from Amazon is a first edition. I started seeing 2nd editions in the lines even before tour was over, but Nicola’s still has them, having stocked up before I left. I can sign it, too, if you ask in the comment box when ordering. (signed, not personalized.)

EAfreebies2SmIf you’re looking for freebies, you can get those right from me. Just send me a SASE. The picture below is what a SASE looks like, and the address to send it to is:

Kim Harrison
EVER AFTER freebie
PO Box 498
Dexter, MI, 48130

SASEEnvelope and stamp may vary subject to availability, location, and personal preference. -grin-



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24 responses to “First Edition, and Freebie Friday!!

  1. Anna

    Hey there,
    just found out about these cute freebies (never thought an author is trying so hard to please his fans-thank you!) Is there any chance to get the freebies related to the other books afterwards?
    By the way, just as everyone else, I just LOVE your books!
    Best wishes from Germany, Anna

  2. Andreia

    Hello, i’m a big fan of your’s books, and i’m a collector of bookmarks, i loved have the bookmarks of your books in my collection. But i live in Portugal, what i can do? Thank you

  3. Well most of the time I say time goes way to fast, especially when I look at my 4 and 6 year old, but I can’t wait until I sign a yellow dogeared copy of one of my books. Well I can wait, but excited for it none the less!

  4. Jaime Colston

    Having read this post I got curious… I checked each Rachel book I own.
    DWW – PB #40-31
    GBU – PB 30-21
    EWWBD – PB 20-18
    FFOC – PB 20-13
    FAFDM – PB 10-7
    ODW – PB 10-2
    WWBC – PB 10-1
    BMS – HC 10-1
    PD – HC 10-1
    PB- HC 10-1
    EA – HC 10-1
    My B-I-L introduced me to the Hollows, so I came in a few books into series. But oh how I love Rachel & Crew! Wonder how much shipping would be to send them all to KH for signing? hmmmm….

    • Inkie

      Hi Jaime,
      Unfortunately, I don’t think Kim does that anymore because books have gone missing in the mail. And it’s usually the more precious volumes that people want signed, exactly the ones that will hurt the most if they do get lost somewhere along the way. I’d love to get my HC of A Fistful of Charms signed, but I completely understand why Kim doesn’t want to find that thing in her mailbox!

      I have the whole series in both HC and PB (I like to have both so the HCs don’t get worn out through re-reading. I let the PBs take the brunt of that!) and the HCs are first editions. But I don’t think the first four really count because they came out in paperback first. So I’d love to have first edition paperbacks of those four. Maybe someday…. : )

    • Jaime Colston

      Oh yeah….I’d hate to have to go all Demon on a mail delivery person for losing my books! I’m in Kentucky, so I’ll just have to wait til she tours close enough to here. It would be cool to have them signed; but reading them is the best part!

  5. Jenni BW

    Hi Kim, I’m loving Ever After! Grow to love Rachel, Ivy et al more with each book.
    I got my UK hardback Dead Witch Walking and The Good, The Bad and The Undead from a book club. I think it may have been a special edition for the book club. Do you know about these, and how they are viewed in relation to first editions? When I eventually get my backside to a stop on one of your tours I’m so going to get them signed 😀
    My other Hollows books are a mixture of first and later editions PB and HB. They take pride of place on their own shelf, adjacent to Kelley Armstrong’s shelf.

    • Inkie

      Hi Jenni,
      I also have a Kelley Armstrong collection! She and Kim share their two shelves because the top shelf is too narrow for hardcovers. So it’s Kelley/Kim paperbacks on the top shelf and Kelley/Kim hardcovers on the next shelf. I’m in Ireland, so I’ve never been able to get to a signing either…sigh…

      Anyway….. about BCEs.
      Most Book Club Editions are not considered valuable by collectors (there are a few exceptions), which is why it’s an unwritten rule that sellers must always reveal that it’s a Book Club Edition in their description.
      However, if these are the UK covers (is Dead Witch Walking a kind of neon yellow colour?) then they would be collectible as I think the UK covers were never released in hardcover (maybe Kim can confirm this?) so a BCE would be the only way to get those particular covers in hardcover. So I think that’s a pretty cool thing to have!

      As for First Editions of BCEs, there’s not actually any such thing, as they’re just cheaper, lower quality printings of books that are already successful. But sometimes they forget/neglect to remove the “First Edition” tag before they print up the BCE, so there are BCEs out there with “First Edition” printed inside. Don’t be fooled. If it’s a BCE, it’s not a First Edition no matter what it might say inside.

      I think you can still get US hardcovers of Dead Witch Walking and The Good, the Bad and the Undead from The Book Depository if you’re interested in adding non-BCE hardcovers to your collection but, as I’ve never even seen a UK hardcover, I think you should definitely hang onto those! : )

    • Jenni BW

      Hi Inkie,

      Thanks for your reply 🙂
      Interesting to know that stuff about BCEs, thanks. The covers are the US ones I believe (both black/dark and atmospheric). They were published in 2004 (DWW) and 2005 (GBU) so guess they must be amongst the first HBs of these titles, as weren’t these originally released in PB? If so, that’s cool! Definitely hanging on to them anyway – I find it hard to part with any books (that’s why most of my shipping when I moved to Canada 6 months ago was boxes of books. Who needs furniture and clothes anyway?!).

      The signing issue is frustrating isn’t it living in the UK? I’m hoping to get to a Kim one soon, which is far more likely from Southern Ontario than it is from West Midlands! I will state here that that isn’t the reason I moved – it’s just a very happy consequence of it ;-D

    • Inkie

      Hi Jenni!
      You can make furniture out of the boxes of books. Push a few together, throw a tablecloth over them and voila! A lovely table : )
      My first four in HC are from 2008. They released one every two months until they caught up. Your HCs must have come out just after the original PB releases.
      Mine are all US covers because I didn’t like the UK covers, so I always pre-order the US ones online. They’ve changed the UK covers now and the new ones are much nicer, but I’m sticking with the US editions so they’ll match.

    • Martin

      Hi Inkie,
      On rare occasions Book Club Editions are real first editions. My spouse got The Hollows Insider from the SFBC, and it is a first edition. Because of the high graphic content, the quality of the paper, the glow-in-the-dark cover, etc. a “cheaper” version of printing couldn’t be done. Also, because sales were not expected to be outstanding, the book club bought a mass quantity from the publisher, and sold them, making their profit on volume, and the other Hollows tie-ins. Its really worth owning and reading; if you don’t have one you should.

    • Hi Jenni.
      It sounds like you’ve got the SFBC edition, and I have no idea how they are valued. 🙂 Sorry! But I do sign a few of them every year on tour.

    • Jenni BW

      Hi Kim, those will definitely get an airing to be signed when I eventually get on a tour stop! No worries re value – not dreaming of selling them on anyway so it’s completely irrelevant really… I saw DWW in book club catalogue and it looked like the sort of thing I’d enjoy, so I brought and was introduced into The Hollows. In that respect it’s invaluable due to the many many hours of enjoyment the world you created has brought to me. Thanks for that 😀 v–v

  6. jkh

    I just finished Ever After. Yummy! But, oh, the tears!

    • Martin

      Hi JKH,
      I’m glad you finally got to read it. It was a delicious treat. I’m going to read it again soon, and get even more details that I missed from the first 2 times.

  7. I ran across a double book, THIS WITCH FOR HIRE… which had me hooked and that led me to the second double book, DEAD WITCHES TELL NO TALES…I was madly hooked after that but late in the game so the others that soon followed were not first run, FOR A FEW DEMONS MORE..I was lucky enough to find in hardback but I was stuck with THE OUTLAW DEMON WAILS in paperback. WHITE WITCH, BLACK CURSE is hardback but not first run. Now, everything else is first run, but simply because my husband knows to look for the release (if I haven’t given him a hundred hints) and leave me alone for the next couple of days.
    Thank You from a big fan for all that you have given us.

  8. Dot Little

    I guess I was lucky. I replaced all my paperback copies for hardcover and I just looked at them and they are all first editions. Thank you for a great series.

  9. Any chance of a Freebie to Finland? 🙂
    I love First editions, not that they’re special to me, for me it’s more especial if they’re personalized, signed to me. But I can see why people are so interested in them.
    Also I finished Ever After (audio), all I can say is: OMG it’s going to be a long wait until book 12! Loooved it. 🙂

    • Hi Florencia. Yep, just send me an envelope with your address on it. I’ll take care of the international postage. I’m glad you liked EVER AFTER. Thanks!

  10. sunshineread

    I’m from Portugal, what I should do have a freebie 😀
    Thanks xoxo

  11. kim Durbin

    Ever after was one of your best books I couldn’t put it down. It was so awesome meeting you in Des Moines and yes I still have my first edition of Dead Witch Walking.

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