Howdy Campers! There is snow on the ground, ugly, hard snow that almost hurts to walk on, but a male robin was at my bird bath this morning, and the buds on the branches knocked down by last weeks ice show that buds are starting to swell. After last years unfortunately early spring followed by a bud-killing frost, I’m hoping it stays a little chilly for a while, but it would be nice to get rid of the snow. Also, the blue birds are still coming around for a drink, but it looks as if my yard had only about a weeks worth of food for them as they have again disappeared after clearing out the spruce, holly, and burning bush berries. Time to plant more bushes . . .

I’ve got a couple of media bits that I did while on tour that have finally been archived and made available. The first is just about nine minutes where I talk to Irene in Cincinnati at one of the NPR stations. http://cpa.ds.npr.org/wvxu/audio/2013/03/030313_KimHarrison.mp3


The second is longer, an audio of the Q&A I did at Tattered Cover. (This is me and just the roadies. Wow, there were a lot!) The audio is great on this, but it takes about 20 minutes, and there are NO EVER AFTER spoilers in it.🙂 Just scroll down a half page or so for the little arrow after the link. http://authorsontourlive.com/kim-harrison-podcasts-ever-after/


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4 responses to “EVER AFTER media

  1. jkh

    CW was absolutely not the correct network for the Hollows. Fox might be better, apart from their questionable ability to sustain series — apart from Buffy and Angel. Now, Syfy might do well by the Hollows…

    • Maybe but they really screwed up THE DRESDEN FILES. Ironically that’s what lead me to the Hollows, some good came of it.


  2. Howdy ma`am,

    Listened to both pod casts. They were great. After hearing about the CW`s horrible ideas, I am so happy you got your rights back. No Jenks is like no Moe in the Three Stooges. It is sacrilegious and just so wrong. What were they thinking?


    • Martin

      They were thinking, “Paying the special effects budget to make a pixy as a major character in every episode is too expensive. Cut the pixy.”

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