I’m cleaning my office . . .

Yes! I’m cleaning my office today, and that can only mean one thing, and one thing only. No, it’s not my mom coming to visit, it’s me closing out a book and . . . starting a new one! Don’t get me wrong. I’ve still got years to work on the Hollows yet, but I’m at the point where I get to play with something new in a more permanent way, and I’m horribly, terribly, marvelously excited, and moving the Hollows out of my office, even if temporarily, is not only symbolic, but I seriously need the space.

ThatWasEasyNot only tidying was going on, however, I also reorganized my paperclips to get rid of the multicolored jobs mucking up my color-coding, moved a file downstairs into my fire-proof cabinet, brought one back up, gathered my rubber bands into one space (don’t ask) sorted through my software backups and trashed what was gone, picked out the folder color of the next book, (white) found matching paperclips, went through my post-its and threw a bunch away, and made/found $1.21 while clearing out my desk.

And I then hit the Easy button, because the last nine years were anything but.

Today I’m kicking around titles, moving deeper into some research, and brainstorming for ideas for possible series arc, finding my clipboard, printing up some headers for the pages I’ll be brainstorming on, and sharpening my pencils. Guy already helped me with the titles today, and wonders of wonders, we actually found a theme I really like. Here’s hoping it sticks.


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  1. old72jim

    Hi-Ms. Kim-I hadd my aide do some cleaning. I can’t stand more than a few minutes yet,the pneumonia and heart attack are kicking my behind still.

  2. OMG, I can’t to wait for this new series! I just read about your YA books and I’m excited to start your urban fantasy books, but I live in Brazil and the Hollows books didn’t were published here yet—what’s really sad. We just got Prom Night from Hell, where I knew your writing. Since then I became a huge fan of your Drama, and I just waiting a good income to buy the Dead Witch Walking ebook for Kindle—it’s not the same as having the paperbook but it’s expensive importing books, mainly when the author has no book printed here (at least not a full lenght novel).

  3. OMG, I can’t to wait for this new series! I just read about your YA books and I’m excited to start your urban fantasy books, but I live in Brazil and the Hollows books didn’t were published here yet—what’s really sad. We just got Prom Night from Hell, where I knew your writing. Since then I became a huge fan of your Drama, and I just waiting a good income to buy the Dead Witch Walking ebook for Kindle—it’s not the same as having the paperbook but it’s expensive importing books, mainly when the author has no book printed here (at least not a full lenght novel).

  4. Nice! And exciting to hear a new series is brewing. And the OCD in me loves color coding, post it notes and everything in its place!

  5. Congrats Kim it had to be hard to clean up and move everything out after writing the hallow series i am very excited to see what you come up with next!!! You are truly one of my fav authors i will read what ever you write next again congrats!!!

  6. Rachel L. Morrill-Maharath

    I loved my Ever After, and I absolutely adore your Hallows series Rachel Morgan is pointedly one of my all time favorite characters, spoiler alert thanks for the kiss, I’ve wrongly rightly wanted that for those two characters for quite some time, I can’t wait to see how it ends when the series reaches it’s completion yet selfishly wish it could go on & on & on for these characters that we just can’t seem to get enough of. ❤ 's Rachie

  7. Kegan

    I love the idea of color coded files and paper clips!

  8. Can I borrow the easy button?

  9. Jaye

    NOOOO!!!!!!!!!! I came to this site to find out if you had a guess of the release of the next Hollows book, only to find…

    I just finished Ever After. I tried, oh I tried SO hard to make it last. I put off opening the cover for almost 2 weeks after it arrived to my home. I knew, I knew this would be hard. And then I tried to make it last…

    I can’t. I just couldn’t do it. Like the proverbial Brimstone addict, I couldn’t stop. I read until 5am, finally passed out, got up the next day and read some more. It’s over. And now, I discover that you’re taking a Hollows vacation? NO!!!

    How about just a little taste? I mean, Rachel and gang don’t need to be all action, all the time. What about a nice, fluffy Hollows novel? Something you can churn out quickly, with a softer, easier-to-write plot? Something to give us a taste of what life is like in Rachel’s world when she isn’t saving the rest of the world (or her own hide)?

    Not that I’m opposed to another adventure. But, we all have to have some downtime – sometime! – and it would be great to share hers. Especially if that’s all we can get until the next big adventure rolls around. Don’t we deserve that much?

    • Martin

      Hi Jaye,
      I didn’t try to make it last. I got my book on the release date; paid extra for expedited shipping. FedEx delivered at 6 PM. At 6 AM I was finished. Wow, what a trip. Started reading it again the next day, to get the details I missed. I understand what you mean. All of the Hollows books have been thrilling, exciting, satisfying. An explosive adrenaline rush from start to finish, and all of them worth multiple re-reads.

      And I agree with Ms. Harrison’s decision to bring the Hollows to a close.

      It is too easy for genre fiction to become formulaic, for authors to get lazy, bored and distracted, and when this happens it shows in their work. I have read lots of genre fiction, from many authors, in many genres. I have followed numerous series where the author quit caring, quit doing the work, and just cranked out novels on a formula, just meeting deadlines. The books got boring, I quit reading, and quit following the author, and never re-read the books again. I’ve thrown books away that I only half finished, I got so disgusted.

      Ms. Harrison has said we will get 13 books in the Hollows. I have total faith that she can tie up all the loose plot ends in a bright gold ribbon, give all the major characters a Happily Ever After, and deliver it to us in a pulse pounding adrenaline rush that is both delicious and satisfying. I also have total faith that the next books she writes will be equally good, and that I will follow her on whatever adventure she wants to lead.

      Experienced readers recognize quality. Ms. Harrison works hard to bring quality to her work. It takes dedication, patience, fortitude, courage, and just plain sweat, to maintain the level of excellence that shines from the Hollows. It is far better that the stories come to a definitive ending rather than just peter out and fade away. Years from now, I can continue to cherish them, and be glad that I am not ever disappointed reading about Rachel, Ivy, Jenks, Al, Newt, Trent, and all the rest.

      I want Ms. Harrison to maintain her interest in writing her stories. I don’t want her getting bored. I don’t want her to crank out cookie cutter formulaic stories. I want her to go new places, try new things, meet new characters, invent new worlds. I will follow her.


    • Jaye

      I understand what you mean, but when something this great ends, it’s like losing a group of good friends! They are just gone, and all that are left are memories… bittersweet!

    • Vampyre

      Don’t panic, there will be a total of 13 Hollows books. Kim works way ahead of her deadlines so she is saying the last books iare pretty much written for now. When it’s time she will dust them off and finish with the edits and they will be published in due time.

      I’m really looking forward to her next series.


    • jkh

      Cool your jets, Jaye. Ever After is #11, and there are 2 more in the Hollows series, coming out one per year just as always.

  10. Ahh, the winds of change are on the horizon.🙂 I can see why your excited to start something new, clean office, new office supplies, stretching those brain muscles and creating a new road. I’m excited that we’ll all get to see what comes next too! I still can’t wait for the next Hollows though.😉

  11. Shannon

    I can hardly wait!! I also can’t wait for more hollows though. Keep up the good work and can’t wait to see what you come up with!

  12. I know exactly what you mean I’ve also found myself cleaning too and for various reasons that only stacking and organixing can do. Oh I’m glad your tidying has gone well because those brillnt ideas are going to be bouncing lile burning bunnies that will oh too well become another book waiting to be read.

  13. Kirstie

    No no no!!! Please I need more Rachel!! I just finished Ever After and it left me with such a craving…eleven books can’t satisfy!! There’s still so much to learn with The Hollows. This left book left it at such an arch with Cormel telling Rachel she needs to work on the vamp/soul cure-ma-bob! More please! Soon too please! Love you Mr. Harrison!

    • Vampyre

      Mr. Harrison or Ken has said there are 2 more books coming for a total of 13..Oh wait, that’s Ms. and Kim..🙂


    • Jaye

      I’ve seen a couple of people say “Mr. Harrison” – and now “Ken” – is this Kim Harrison’s real name? Or are they all errors? I know that many writers use pseudonyms, and I’ve also heard that some male writers will use a female pen name if it feels as though the genre will attract more attention that way. Is this the case here? Just curious😉

    • Martin

      Kim Harrison is a pseudonym, but she is really a SHE. Her real name is Dawn Cook and she has a couple series written under that name. The photos on the backs of the books and the photo pages of this web site are really her. I’ve followed the blog for a while, and met her in person, and she’s a real person and very sweet.

    • Jaye

      Cool, thanks. It just seemed odd that a couple of people kept saying “Mr. Harrison” and the one person referred to her as “Ken.”…

  14. Andrea Gaydos- Nauss

    Rationing my pages of Ever After every night, must read slower to make Rachel last longer, next to impossible Best series ever, Sorry Gunslinger, you were living in my favorite world for many years.

  15. Amo*

    Love you and can’t wait for your new adventure for us! Have fun, breath deep and BURN SOME BUNNIES!!

  16. Tine

    How exciting for you. All new and shiny, shiny.

  17. You go girl! I love reading your books! I can come up with great ideas, but never the follow through to put them down…. instead I eagerly await the outcome of those who can!

  18. sharon connor

    Any hints?? Come on, we’re excited for you, and new stuff thrills me to bits!!!

  19. Moira C.

    As much as I love the Hollows, I’m excited and really happy for you and I can hardly wait for whatever you put out next. I know it will be just as good if not better. hugs,

  20. Natalie

    Yay!! I can’t wait to see what storyline you come up with! I will be sad to see Rachel go, but I will be happy that she gets her happy ending. Thank you for bringing us into the Hollows world and I’m sure your next world will be wonderful1🙂

  21. Christa

    Love that you have a process to getting started and symbolically moving on from one project to another. I have a ton of ideas (bunnies) bouncing around my brain but have to figure out my process so that I actually start writing…Why does the idea of putting them on paper (or in font on the screen) have to be so incredibly terrifying for me? Is it ever for you?

    • Mike Hewitt.

      You aren’t the only one – believe me.

    • Martin

      Hi Christa, Hi Mike,
      Just start writing. The first time you write it, it’s going to be crap, but you can fix it later. Until you write it, you can’t even try to improve it. Stop being afraid, stop procrastinating, start writing. Write something every day.

  22. Kelly Coughlin

    OCD, love it, jealous even. Enjoy the sweeping out of the cobwebs and clearing a space for your new emergent world.

  23. Colleen

    As exciting for me as it is for you! Plus now I feel like a slaker and need to clean my office.

    • jkh

      I did some surface cleaning and organizing this past weekend, too. Mostly it has to do with a Medicare/Medicaid application {:-d but the end result is a bit of neatness.

    • Vampyre

      I took out some trash… it was a lot of trash

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