a-a-a-and we’ve got snow!

We’ve got heavy, soggy, dangerous snow last night. It’s very pretty but the reason I’m late posting this morning is because I love pushing snow around, especially if I can get out there before the snow blowers. Amid the silence I heard jays calling, and chickadees, and the heavy crack of a tree breaking. Now it’s just the roar of two-stroke engines. The snow has started falling from the trees since it warmed up. It’s making a mess where I just cleared the walks, but it’s taking the weight off those limbs and wires, so I can’t complain.

I think we got away with minimal damage to our property, though if the city trucks come by one more time and plow in our drive with two feet of chunky slop, I’m going to be mad. Ah well, what you going to do?


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12 responses to “a-a-a-and we’ve got snow!

  1. Lemonade

    I feel your pain, Kansas City got hit hard these past few days. Beautiful but dangerous snow!
    And I thought of the Hollows tonight! My bff is working at Cincy’s first casino, its soft opening is tonight. I just hope that it doesn’t get blown up. (At least it’s not a boat) She does have curly red hair, perhaps she can introduce me to Trent. Just got a kick out of it and thought I’d share. 😀

  2. Hi Ms. kim- i’m slow getting together but I’m here. My Mom passed away monday.It was entirely expected,we had had to put her in the Hospice, and she was getting morphine every hour for comfort.. You know you could hitch the pups to a snow plow right?

  3. jkh

    I’m happy to say that Seattle may get through the winter without that stuff. We don’t get snow, we get slop that immediately turns to ice, and with our hills, it’s disastrous. You all enjoy that white stuff, and I’ll cope with rain…

  4. Think of crocuses and wait till spring.

  5. vampgirl1988

    we got some snow up here in northen mi but not much . but i hate when you get your drive way done and the city trucks come though than you have to go bake and do it all over

  6. Sisi

    The heavy wet snow is beautiful, the way it coats each limb and twig so that everything is white–tree limbs, power wires, the ground. No damage I can see out the window.

    A neighborhood kid called this morning to see if I wanted him to shovel for me, so I hired him. I like to reward industriousness and politeness, plus then I don’t have to go out at all. Win-win!

  7. Susan

    Here in Rochester NY we had over night 3 to almost 4 hrs of hail. Them the sloppy snow came. Needless to say suddenly know one knew how to drive safe. School buses still came
    My daughter went to school happy because she ” tested” the snow said its perfect packing snow for a after school snowman. I already took out the snowman kit. I think its going to be a fun day after school. Everyone Drive Safe!!!

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