First Editions

First edition? How to you know? Well let me tell you! Every book, be it mass market, or hard cover, has a string of numbers at the bottom of the page that follows the title page. The title page is exactly what it sounds like, and it’s usually where I sign, along with the title and author, and publishing info. But it’s the one following it where all the disclaimers are that you’ll find the edition number. The numbers at the bottom count down from 10 to 1 in the first editions, 10 to 2 in the second editions, 10 to 3 in the third editions, and so on. After the 10th edition, they start over from 20 to 11.

Sometimes I can tell by the feel of the book and the yellowing of the pages if it’s a first edition and I take an extra moment in the signing line to lovingly flip the page to check it out. I’m right about 90% of the time. The other 10% I’m usually way off and the book has just been loved to near death and the owner and I have a laugh and I usually find out it’s been dropped in the tub or passed around to fifteen people. (which I love even more). 🙂 So first editions mean something to me, yes, especially DEAD WITCH WALKING, the only one I really look for. There weren’t a whole lot of them released in comparison to a release now, and I only spot one or two in the entire two weeks that I’m out.

EAhcCoverThe only reason I bring it up today is that I know first editions are important to some of you guys as well, be it mass market or hard cover, and I’ve got a few titles that the first edition will soon be hard to find. Right now, I’m guessing it’s probably 50/50 that the EVER AFTER you find on the shelf or order from Amazon is a first edition. I started seeing 2nd editions in the lines even before tour was over, but Nicola’s still has them, having stocked up before I left. I can sign it, too, if you ask in the comment box when ordering.

HollowsInsiderAnd even more rare as a first edition will be THE HOLLOWS INSIDER. This is the Hollows world book, the one that glows in the dark. The one that I pulled my hair out over. The one I lived in fear for six months for because I had stepped over the line of expectation and I didn’t know if my editor was going to go for. (She did, and I’d love her for that if nothing else.) The one that is a real and solid expression of my commitment and love for what I do. (And I will NEVER do this again.) I’m surprised that they haven’t been pulled already, but I got notice today that trade paperbacks will soon take their place. You can still get the first edition hard covers from any store as far as I know, though they might have to ship it in, but again, Nicola’s has them, and if you ask in the comment box when ordering, I will drop in and sign the glow in the dark hard cover for you before they ship them out.


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19 responses to “First Editions

  1. Natalie

    So I’m looking at my first edition in the dark but it isn’t glowing. I don’t get it. It says first edition and counts down to 1. Anyone else’s first edition not lighting up in the dark?

  2. Hi -Ms Kim-I have acouple of first editions I can’t see, but I’ll hang on t them untill they are worth their weight in gold

  3. I have the 1st Edition of The Hollows Insider, Into the Woods, and A Perfect Blood (which you signed for me.) It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside knowing how much effort you put into these books and have put into this series.

  4. Vampyre

    Howdy ma`am,

    I have all of your books in in HB. All but one is a first edition. It is a fifth edition of A FEW DEMONS more, the first book you signed for me. It said, ”To Bob, so nice to meet you.” Now you just scribble in your name and say OMG, YOU AGAIN!!!(just kidding)

    I also have two copies of OUTLAW DEMON WAILS, first editions, signed at different times. Ask! I don’t know how or why I did that.

    My plan is for my family to sell my collection after I die so they can bury me. 🙂


  5. I am getting one! I am so excited! LOL

  6. Hi, Kim! After reading this I’m going to have to figure out if I have a first edition. I’m guessing (which I shouldn’t do, but my fingers are crossed!) I do because I bought it on the first day it came out from B&N. 🙂 Though only time will tell! Or at least until I’ve cracked it open. I’m waiting until I can go on vacation to actually read it from cover to cover. Once I start I don’t stop plowing through pages. Though, I will be checking to see it if I have a first edition!

  7. I have the first edition I won in the photo contest. So it might be a bit self centered, but just knowing my picture is part of the book makes it my favorite book of all time haha.

  8. jkh

    I think I forgot to bring my copy of “Insider” for an autograph. Silly me. And it is a glowing, first edition

  9. brandie

    i wish i could get thouse books write now no book are coming for me do to we are still wating for ssi for my husbend we found out he has a tomor in his spine so all the money we do have goses to bills and his dr apt that sucks i really wonted into the woods and the insider and the other one arrrrrrrrrrrr

    • jkh

      Hon, I’m a survivor of that spinal tumor thing. Best of luck to your husband, and keep up your optimism. The nice thing about books is that they’ll wait for you.

  10. Susan

    I am so glad you wrote about the Hollows Glow cover book my B&N never got it but I am ordering from Nicolas now! I am just going to buy all your books from them from now on. I have most of all your Rachel books HC 1st editions and when I read them all over before the newest book comes out I baby them. No bathtub tragedies here!

  11. I bought my Hollows Insider as soon as it came out and didn’t realize it glowed either! What a fun surprise!lol

  12. Natalie

    I actually got mine second hand from a store closing sale. I’m curious now if it is first edition and if it glows! I have so many books that I honestly would not have noticed this as it I’d between about 30 or more other books stacked beside my bed 😀

  13. leann

    I have the Glow in the dark first edition Insider 🙂

  14. Glad I got my Hollows insider while I did then. I didn’t realize it glowed till I went to bed late and saw something glowing on the other side of the room. XD.

  15. I just checked all of the copies I have of your books, only one isn’t a first edition. 🙂 I shouldn’t be surprised seeing as I have bought them all the day they come out.

  16. Anne

    I got my Hollows Insider a few weeks ago, wish I’d waited now and then you could have signed it. 😦 It is a great book and I love the glow in the dark, it is the first non e book I have bought in years! Thanks for doing such a great job of it

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