Beach Bunnies

You can tell my thoughts were at the beach this weekend as I made a camera-toting beach bunny to take a picture of my mar-r-r-rvolously buff muscle-bound buck I made last week. -grin- They even have fluffy tails. I wasn’t happy with how Mr. Buck came together, hence the second bunny. Ms. Doe was much more satisfying, with most of the parts knitted in a round rather than flat and sewn together as I expanded on the original instructions. The hat I crocheted rather than knitted, thinking it made a smoother piece.  I might make another, though three’s a crowd . . .


I also took the down-time this weekend to knit up a tea cozy for a new tea pot as I was getting tired of it going cold far faster than I could drink it. The heavy cast iron is lovely, but it transfers the heat fast and I can’t pop it in the micro. The zebra pattern I came up with suits it, and the best part is that I actually USED UP a ball of yarn. Phew! I swear, I’m not buying another skein until I get rid of at least five others. I might have that chance this week if the proposed storm hits us the way they predict.

Work wise, I should finish up my personal rewrite on book 13 early this week, and then shove it in a drawer for about a year to percolate. I really need to decide what I’m doing next. Seriously, I’ve not had this kind of freedom for almost ten years. I hardly know what to do with myself. Knit more bunnies, perhaps?


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18 responses to “Beach Bunnies

  1. Thx for sharing you wonderfull bunnys, too funny, cannot stop laughing of that underbust red shorts, it’s so much like my son ;D
    Nice to see you are so much down to earth (excuse my bad english, I’m half danish/german, language is confusing sometimes :D)
    Enjoy your time whatever you do, it can only be good!

  2. Kat

    Your bunnies are beautiful, just like your characters on the page. Thanks for sharing your talents! I just re-read TOR and oh boy I can’t wait for book 12!

  3. Diane

    oh more bunnies please!!! i would put in an order for one if you were so inclined!!!

  4. fellow young knitter

    Where can I find the pattern? I shared a previous photo of your knitted bunny with my knitting group and we loved it!

  5. Jerry C

    If you need to figure out what to do now, you can always burn a bunny or two. They always turn into fantastic ideas, right? 😉

  6. I hope the storm isn’t too bad and that you stay nice and cozy. With all this knitting and crocheting i’m thinking you need a little girl around to play with them all 🙂 I think I need to pull out my needles and yarn now.

  7. Knitting is such good therapy, isn’t it? Your beach bunnies look to be a good way to relieve the February winter doldrums. But you know how they like to multiply so you’d better find something new to write soon. Otherwise . . .

    Tea cozies are great stash busters. I’ve crocheted one for my French press and have another one started in a knitted pattern based on Dr. Who called the Caffeinate! press cozy. It’s a free pattern on Ravelry.

  8. brandie

    so is in the woods the next book after book 11

    • “Into The Woods” is a collection of short works set in The Hollows, published before “Ever After” but the stories do not fit strictly into a set chronologically—at least that’s what I understand (have not finished reading it yet).

  9. Colleen

    Devon Monk knit the cutest gargolyle and a knights helm, both on her website. I am awed by both of you multi-talented ladies!

  10. Candy

    oh, a cozy sounds good, i have a porcelain coffee server that does the same thing. never thought of putting it in the microwave its kinda tall, usually i just wrap in a towel and hope for best. I’m starting it tonight!!!!!!!!

  11. I truly love the bunnies! The are so adorable.

  12. They are so cute, Kim! I started a new project this week myself. Knitting myself an 80 square blanket. It wouldn’t be so bad if the patterns for each square were the same. Lol. But I’m learning new things (I’ve never increased or decreased before. Still a newbie!), which is half of what it’s about for me. Thanks for posting your pictures!

  13. More bunnies!!!! They are sooooo cute!!!! It makes me want to learn to knit so I can make one too! ^_^

  14. Susan

    No totally rethink ending the Rachel books. And decide instead of knitting you now need to expand Rachel’s future for all of us. She is not over yet and already I am worried about what I will do when I can not read about her anymore. What will she do in her thirty’s, forties & fifties???

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