Ever After spoilers. You. Me. Harper Facebook 2:00 EST

553959_301766299893072_451597026_aI’ll be live at Harper’s Facebook page today at 2:00 EST in a rare, open forum to discuss EVER AFTER. Spoilers will be there, so if you’ve not read the book and don’t want to be spoiled, don’t go to the page! You can ask non-spoiler questions, sure, but I took the opportunity to have a spoiler discussion because it is off my usual pages and the only reason you’re likely to be there is to get in on the talk–and therefore accidental spoilage should be to a minimum.

So if you’ve read the book and have a burning question, meet me at Harpers page at 2:00 EST, and I will be there! I’ll take questions about writing as well. Also, if you have any requests/comments . . . this is a good time to bring them up as my editor will be there in the background

Harpers FB page: https://www.facebook.com/HarperVoyagerBooksUS


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9 responses to “Ever After spoilers. You. Me. Harper Facebook 2:00 EST

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  2. Cayce M

    I cant say enough about Ever After. Very few authors/books have hit me as hard emotionally as this one did, hours after finishing, my heart, my emotions, god they were crazy all over the place lol. Thank you for what you do. Cant wait for the next book!

  3. jkh

    (Squidge has fingers in ears) No spoilers! No spoilers! La-la-la-la! My turn at a library copy of Ever After is next! I may pick it up this week! No spoilers!

  4. Just finished Ever After, tried to drag it as long as I could, but inevitably I reached the end. Now, I have to wait for the next one! I love this series. So much to say about it (each character has depth), but I’ll limit myself to one.
    At one point in my reading, I was thinking about Rachel’s exes and their flaws. Funny to see Trent do the same thing at the end of the book. I hope that one day, Rachel and Trent will be together; they’re fated to be. Thank you for another great read.

  5. Participating in that chat just made more determined to go see Kim when she (hopefully) tours next year!

  6. Emily

    Thanks for the great Q & A :)! I wasn’t able to participate but just went through and read it and all I can say is I cannot wait until the next book! You gave some spoilers that made me VERY happy, so thanks for that :)!!!!!

  7. Leslie

    Will you be posting the chat on your page later? I wont be able to be on, I’ll be at work 😦

  8. Kennedy

    I’m supper excited for this. I have a snow day today so I will be able to participate.
    Thanks for doing this!

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