Yesterday I spotted a rustling in the brush, found my binoculars and focused in expecting to see sparrows, or maybe the chickadees that investigated a nest box there last year. But to my delight, it was a pair of bluebirds–the first of the year–eating the juniper berries. I was ecstatic, turned to get my camera, and then had a little fit when I turned back and found them sitting at my bird bath. OMGosh, it was the best moment of the day. Which sounds really dumb until you start to break it down into why I was so excited.


I put the juniper bushes in because of those stupid berries. I put a non-freezing bird bath in so there would be water all year. I designed the backyard with cover and food to attract birds, and in the spring, there will be early flowers for cold bees, and in the fall, late flowering perennials for the migrating butterflies.

Guy wonders why I don’t take month-long excursions to exotic places to see amazing animals in their natural space, because clearly this stuff turns me on, and I just smile. I know the animals are there, and even if I should go see them I wouldn’t be connected. Here, though, is where I can make a difference, even if it’s as small as having water out for thirsty birds in a frozen morning. Two years ago, there was nothing in this space, basically a barren desert in an urban jungle. Today there are bluebirds existing beside the rush of traffic and barking of dogs, and that makes me feel connected.

They came back this morning as I put this post together.


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22 responses to “Bluebirds

  1. jkh

    Just thought of a song: “Zip-a-dee-doo-dah! Zippity-ay….” There’s something about a “bluebird on my shoulder” in there, and it’s a cheerful song. Just thinking about it lightened up my grey-sky day.

  2. šŸ™‚ It feels good to know that you have contributed to the wild life, they get the gift of food & water, and you get to watch them enjoy it. Win-win!

  3. Randy

    Your bluebirds make me very jealous. I’ve a great avian variety over here in B-town, including the little flock of chickadees that are now on their third year of hand feeding, but as of yet no bluebirds. Glad to hear you’re still taking the time to enjoy the beauty of the native flora and fauna.

    Happy writing

  4. sadie

    This post was amazing, it really made me smile. Lucky birds, and lucky Kim!

  5. Erica Abney

    I love walking my 10little acres and see everything in its natural habitat. We have a pair if turtles that come back every year.

  6. jkh

    What a testament to loving your home, because you expand your definition to include the other life forms in “your” home area. I’m no longer able to garden or even to have my own green space, other than my balcony. And I miss it. I’m going to try to add some of that green space this coming spring/summer by going to my dad’s house and helping (what little I can do) in the yard. My sis is currently physically challenged; she has done a great deal of the exterior maintenance, and it will be something we can nibble at together.

  7. Hi Ms. Kim- when I had a house, I had cardinals all the time as my back yard,which was 170 feet deep had a buckeye tree.Had to sell it and move here.Oh well.

  8. Yodamom

    I planted Bottle Brush bushes, Blackberries, and many flowering plants all for the local wildlife that lost much of it’s food source we these homes were built. I love seeing the butterflies, birds, raccoons, deer.. and I guess the armadillos, no not really those things freak me out. LOL I think it beautiful.

  9. LauraK

    *Laura clicks nonexistent “Like” button* šŸ™‚

  10. Debbie D.

    I love it, I try to provide a nice area for birds to come to in my yard also. They give me so much happiness just watching them.

  11. Vampyre

    I have wide variety of animals around my house but I never feed them. The three big dogs watch the backyard and Fuzzy cat takes care of the front.


  12. Martin

    If you traveled to exotic places, you could see animals in their native habitat, but you wouldn’t be making a difference in their lives. With a “nature friendly” back yard, you do make a difference. That matters.

  13. Holly

    Bluebirds are one of the most beautiful birds, and about the only time we ever see them is if we’re out in the country. I think it’s awesome that you’ve provided a place for them to come to during the winter, Kim. Good on you.

  14. Nici

    That’s really wonderful. I have never seen any. Actually I don’t even know if Germany has these.
    We have a green woodpecker in our garden, I’ve been told they are quite rare as well…
    But I got one question: how do manage that the water doesn’t freeze in the bird bath during winter? I would love to offer our birds water in winter.

  15. Sounds wonderful! Creative & a little piece of heaven that you created. Came home to help aging parents & spent a lot of time & effort helping my Dad update the house & yard after my Mom passed. I spent 3 yrs coaxing the yard into some sense of beauty. People actually stopped & complimented my Dad on the yard! They had lived there for 30 years & my Dad said it was the first time his neighbors had stopped & talked to him, he was so proud! after he died & the house was sold I stopped & asked the new home owners if they would like to know how to mange the lawn, we did a tour together 8 left them my # & they let it all go to nothing. They have moved on, the house sits empty, the flowers have died due to lack of care. Of all the things I miss the coming together of the yard the vision of where it was headed, thats what I miss the most as it was so easily discounted & now gone. Keep working on your yard & cherish each blessing theyn are beyond value.

  16. That’s wonderful! I have never seen a bluebird around here … I think they have abandoned this part of their range, but I always hoped I would. I worry about the birds in winter, especially water fowl who in bad winters have trouble staying alive on frozen ponds and streams. If there were more people like you, our birds would be less threatened.

  17. vampgirl1988

    i like it when i see a robin means spring is finally here !!!! it to cold in norther Michigan need to get just a lil warmer so are birds and things will come out

  18. Where’s the like button on this thing??

  19. Brenda M

    I love it. I consider our backyard a haven from the very busy city street out front. I spend many a happy hour watching birds at the feeder and birdbath. Hummingbirds and nuthatches are my favorites. We even have a squirrel that lets us feed her peanuts right out of our hands. We have come home from work to find her lounging in our “lawn chairs” waiting for us to come home.

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