Miles to go before I sleep

Found these brave little crocus starting to peep above the ground this week when the earth thawed. It’s cold and bitter again, but they will survive and bloom even in snow. Let’s hope it doesn’t come to that.Crocus21413I’ve only got one place in my yard that needs more plants, (which should take me all of a weekend to fix) but I’m already planning out another summer-long project within a very small space. I’d like to make a veg garden there since it is sunny and hot, but a patio would be cleaner and make more sense. We’ll see. I’ve got time yet.


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15 responses to “Miles to go before I sleep

  1. Thanks for the hint of spring–reminds me there’s an end to the cold and snow!

    • jkh

      It was good to read that article. TVM, Todd. My immediate, smart-aleck response was “why not just sell the heirlooms?” but I realized that they don’t ship well or store for very long. The solution is LOCAL PRODUCTION, and it’s do-able with today’s hydroponics and greenhouse abilities. But I agree: too much Big Business. Buy local, buy organic!

  2. angela

    We all have the spring bug. You could always grow a selection of container vegetables with space like that. They either grow small or grow up. But i Imagine you have more ideas than space like. Have fun.

  3. Alas, I’m punched and beaten… šŸ™‚

  4. Hi Ms. Kim-I see your crocuses(or croci ) are braver than me,I’m just sitting and looking at the snow. It is getting bitter cold here,-9 last sunday night. However I have ever after and the hitch hikers guide to the galaxy(all five volumnes in the trilogy to keep me company

  5. Martin


  6. Rita Lockwood

    I trying a new set up with hanging tomatoes this spring. Going to put in 4’x4′ posts and a bar across to hang buckets. Those cages don’t hold up well…. I have spring fever as I watch the wind whip the snow flakes across my white lawn….

  7. Brave crocuses! We’ve got so much snow on the ground, for all I can tell they are up, but no one can see them!

  8. mudepoz

    Yup. Patio with raised beds along the edge.

  9. Quoting one of my favorite poets…quite fitting with the crocus sprouts and traces of snow still on the ground.

  10. Jessica S.

    You can always do a hydroponic garden on your patio. My sweets made me a fresh herb garden on my little patio this summer. It’s nice.

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