As if I don’t have enough bunnies

A while back I mentioned that one of the things I like to do when I’m not at the keyboard, in the garden, or with my elbows up to flour, is to knit. Knitting ticks a lot of boxes for me. It’s satisfying with a quick result, something my daily works lacks. It’s methodical, with an almost zen like om to it with the back and forth pattern to help me separate from the story. It involves texture and color, something I can only think about when I write, not experience, and if you pick the right pattern, it’s a challenge, forcing me to learn new things and keep the brain making new connections. (Don’t laugh, learning new things keeps you smart.)

I’ve been knitting and crocheting since I was 12, though there was a long dry spell in there when I found out what guys were good for, and then a family, and then the task of becoming published. I had even given my needles to my mom.

But once you see the beauty of the knitted piece–feel the connection from present to past, know that thousands have turned a heel thinking of the one they are making comfort for–the yarn never quite untangles from your soul.  I got my needles back from my mom a few years ago, unearthed my crochet needles, and my yarn and cord stash has since become sort of scary.

Even so, I was too embarrassed to bring it up until I realized there were 24 year olds standing in the yarn aisles doing the same thing I was. Knitting is cool, like bow ties. -smirk-

While I was out on tour, a reader brought me a skien of wool that she had hand dyed and named Pixy Steel. I thought it perfect for making bunnies out of, and so I took a break from the scarf and knitted one up with a pattern I’d not yet tried before. I think I’ll add a soft eye, but other than that, I think he turned out rather well for a first go.  🙂 Next one will be in a fuzzier wool without quite so much stretch . . .



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45 responses to “As if I don’t have enough bunnies

  1. Paula

    Have you ever used Hand spun yarn for a project, its so fun to work with. Your bunny is so cute, reminds me of the pair of angoras here

  2. The bunny is very cool 🙂 I used to do a lot of needlepoint/cross stitch and it does seem to have a “zen-ness” to it. Now my zen/happy place is reading. LOL
    Keep up the great work, you are so creative, tomotoes, bunnies, scarfs & writing, 😉
    Have a good weekend.

  3. Sian Young

    Bowties are cool!!!! Awwww!!! He’s soooooo cute!!! I have a weakness for stuffed bunnies, well bunnies period!

  4. Dot Little

    I learn to crochet in the Navy. I have been crocheting ABC afghans the last few years. My daughter ask why the do the same one over and over. It is colorful, easily, I like the afghan stitch and it relaxes me. I know the pattern well enough that i know it will come out right every time.

  5. Jan V

    “though there was a long dry spell in there when I found out what guys were good for”….LOL

  6. I love that there was a Dr. Who reference in there 🙂

  7. Diane

    that is just an adorable bunny!!! so you are multi talented i see. you could sell them on your next tour!!!

  8. Love the bunny! Knitting and crocheting seem to be a lost art that I never learned. This would be a cool item to purchase …. hint, hint. ;o)

  9. Charlie

    Received my Ever After freebie today. Thanks so much!!!

  10. vampyre

    Very nice bunny, can ‘t wait to see the burning part!(JK)


  11. Katie Jones

    I crochet, I just can’t get knitting. I have tried to learn several times but it just doesn’t click in my brain. Crochet soothes my soul though, its awesome

  12. Kira

    yes! i need that pattern! where can i get a copy!

  13. emily

    I love the bunny! Does he/she have a name?

  14. Frotee

    I never got around to learning how to knit, although several of my friends do. I’ll just stick to sewing until I have children or so 😀 Current project: 3 layers of silk hanfu (traditional chinese garment) for an event in summer.
    I also discovered the joy of doing something that gives you quick, satisfying results which you can even show off to people and bask in their admiration 😀 (University work never does that >_>)

  15. Sheryl

    So Glad to hear your a Knitter! I tell people Knitting is “My Cigaretts”…..
    It Soothes me and the Cost adds up! But in the end I have a Lovely Gift to give someone in my Family. Knitting satisfies and challanges my Creative side. Knitting is a Labor of Love……Cause if I dont Love you I’m not Knitting for you!

  16. Tasha

    Over the summer I taught myself how to knit and I am 22. Also you went up a hundred points in my cool book because bow ties are very cool 🙂

  17. Good work! My mother tried so hard to teach me, but I was unteachable. I envy your ability to make attractive things from yarn. Such a NICE bunny, too. Looks terribly huggable.

  18. Susan

    Kim they say Julia Roberts brought back knitting and made it cool again when she taught a whole cast from a movie she was working on to knit. It seemed like knitting was being done by every female in Hollywood. My mom knits my daughter Hello Kitty patterned sweaters for my daughter!!!

  19. lynn from haverhill


  20. Jessica S

    cute..wish I could do that. My hubby can. That bunny, my 3 yr old would just cuddle to death. Well done. Happy V-day and have a good weekend.

  21. Hi Ms. Kim-love the bunny, and I like the color.I suppose I will have to learn knitting or something as I need to exercise my arthritic hands and will be staying indoors more.

    • jkh

      Jim, my dear friend, I hope you can get some at-home physical therapy. Hand massage really helps the ol’ paws.

    • Hi JKH-I wish I could,but my Dr’s have to order it before medicare will pay.They just ordereed many wierd drugs for my heart attack including rat poison(warfarin) plus lots of antbiotics for my pneumonia which I still have.

  22. Tricia

    I haven’t taken up knitting yet, but my son has and he seems to enjoy it. I do quite a bit of cross stitch myself 🙂

  23. cheryl

    could you please send a list of all of your books in order starting with a dead witch walking I’m trying to read them all in order thank you very much

  24. sarah richmond-devoy

    ok need a pattern that is so cute

  25. kate

    One never has to apologize for knitting — it IS cool. I am tickled to know that you are a fellow knitter (one of us, one of us…). lol.

  26. One of the best things about crocheting and knitting is wandering through the yarn sections… *sigh of happiness*

  27. Kristin

    Don’t let this one catch on fire!

  28. tattoolady

    It is adorable! I have the same feelings towards cooking.There is a zen like calm to be found somewhere between the kneading of bread dough and the spatchcocking of a whole chicken to prepare it for roasting and later,stock for soup.It is an often messy business but a satisfying one.Enjoy your knitting and your day-Tattoolady.

  29. hooray – SO glad you liked the yarn! i’m impressed with your skills!

    • Tiffany! I’m so glad you commented. I misplaced the card that came with the wool. (I know I have it, I just can’t find it right now.) Thank you so much. My favorite prezies are those I can create something with. Thank you!

    • You are so very welcome, my day has been made! Are you on Ravelry? I’m tiflopez and would love to see the projects you’ve worked on/are working on.

  30. wickednocturne

    Aww…it’s just darling! And you’re correct, knitting and crocheting has become cool with the younger set. My 19yo has recently become a crochet addict, making hats and scarves for everyone for Christmas. Her latest project was covers for her kindle and my tablet, which I’m super excited about because I couldn’t find one that really suited my personality.

  31. Laurel1215

    All the cool kids knit. Didn’t you know? :o)

  32. Killian

    I learned to crochet from my grandmother at age 8 and got ragged on badly by my peers for it. But when my own daughters were in 5th-7th grade? Knitting and crocheting was the “in” thing to do, and apparently still is! We all still knit and crochet and love it.

    Tell the haters to quit bitchin’ and start stitchin!

  33. Terri Jenkins

    Hey Kim!! Love the bunny — too cute! 🙂 And when I saw that Banana Joe won, I thought of you! 🙂 And I just wanted to say it was one of the best days of my life getting to meet you in Asheville. I was the one in the funky fur coat — one of the ‘3 Rachels’.;-) My daughter, my sister and I, still can’t quite believe we got to meet you & we are still talking about that day and probably will for the rest of our lives. You are amazing. Thanks again for all you do. And Happy Valentine’s Day to you & Guy!! ♥ Kiss-kiss!! V”””V

  34. christine kithcart

    Oh, how adorable! My grandmother taught me when I was young. every time I pick up my needles I remember our time togeather.

  35. Elaina

    Love it…also love that I just discovered you’re a Whovian!

  36. Love your bunny! And you are so right…. I take a crochet break at least several times a week (working on a bedspread that I hope to donate to a disaster auction in May – talk about deadlines!)… When I’m crocheting it’s like a zen break and I can visual my current story, working on it as I crochet.

    Happy Valentine’s Day!


  37. I’ve been crocheting since I was a kid, learned to spin when I was about ten, but didn’t learn to knit until last year… and I’m 32. When I was in college the knitting craze really took off and you couldn’t walk into a classroom without hearing the needles clicking.

    Bow ties are indeed cool, just like fezzes. 😉

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