Banana Joe wins Westminster!

Congrats to Banana Joe, an Affenpincher,who took the ribbons and trophy at Westminster this year after two nights of trials. Guy and I had a great early Valentines day in front of the tube watching. And I am left scratching my head once again as to how Alex got there to congratulate the impish dog. She gets around almost as much as me. Click to get to Westminster’s website and the real picture.



I couldn’t help but notice that though the dogs were varied and a celebration of wonderful diversity, there was only one kind of person on the carpet there at the end. Must have been a dozen people out there getting their picture taken in a nice row, and they all had the same standard. Maybe things changed when the cameras went off. I don’t go looking for stuff like this, but it was so in you face I couldn’t help but notice.


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9 responses to “Banana Joe wins Westminster!

  1. Hi Ms. Kim-I have had to swear off bad jokes about the work of Arthur Conan Doyle(i.e.Cat of the Baskervilles.) An hour after posting that I had a heart attack and have spent the last three weeks in the hospital. I got out today, but am on many strange drugs trying to avoid heart surgery. This does include the rat poison coumadin.(also knowm as Warfarin). In the future,you and Guy should beware of jokes about Arthur Conan (Alhough you would think a guy named Conan could take a joke)

  2. Tysha Sandberg

    Sorry this is going to be COMPLETELY off topic but is Ever After the last book?! I had read everywhere that it was going to be the last and now i’m reading from other fans that there will be in fact more book. i read that you had planned on the series being a 12-13 book run. I think we’re on 12? I’ve been reading you since i was 16, with thinking that this was the last, that it was a very satisfying ending. No big ‘Hollywood perfect’ ending. That’s SO NOT Rachel anyways! Thanks for the amazing reads!

    • jkh

      Ever After is #11 of a total series of 13. Breathe, darlin’, breathe. A couple more years of the Hollows, and then she’ll be on to new and wonderful worlds.

  3. jkh

    Congrats to Banana Joe! He seems to really enjoy showing and even being rather roughly handled. Love that little upturned snoot the affenpinchers have. Love that Alex supports her fellow dogs…

  4. Howdy ma’am,

    Maybe Alex will write a book some day. One of the chapters will reveal how she gets around so well. I just hope she has a signing near me.


  5. Westminster is still very white, though the sport is changing. A lot more diverse handlers, breeders, owners … but judges? The AKC heirarchy doesn’t seem to have made much progress. We were kind of rooting for the Old English (my husband’s fave) for BOS. Close. That was a really gorgeous OE. He was everything they are supposed to be.

    • Ah. I get it. It’s an expensive sport, and a rapidly aging one. Shows and trials are getting smaller and the ages are getting higher. There is diversity, but there is also a tendency to certain breeds or behind the scenes as co-owners. I’m working as a Hunt Test secretary and very confused doing it, but I’ll guarantee the make up with be middle aged white males with a few females. For obedience trials it will be nearly all middle aged women. For agility, the Brit’s like to say Americans are the 3 F’s, fat, female, forty. Dog people are insane.

  6. I’m confused? The dogs have a standard depending on the breed, but people don’t have breed standards. My friend’s English springer, Peyton, took a Group Three, and a friend that I stayed with at ComicCon’s Cardigan Corgi puppy got a reserve. Next year I get to be a bucket bitch 🙂

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