Cover to Cover in Cincinnati

I’ve been home now for almost a week, and the first of the radio spots that I did while traveling from one side of the US to the other are starting to come in! The latest is Cover to Cover, which I did with Mark while in Cincinnati. This is the third time I interviewed with Mark, and it’s a real pleasure as he and his family actually read the series. (You don’t always get that kind of response, and it always surprises me when a reporter/interviewer is familiar with my work.) It is almost 30 minutes, so bookmark it if you can’t watch right away. I also have a list going of the archived media I did on the front page of the website.

Cover to Cover Mark Dewitt interviews Kim Harrison

Coand Company

But if you’re pinched for time, I’ve got a six minute live TV interview I did while in Denver. I really enjoyed talking to Denise on Colorado and Company. She hadn’t read the books, but she seemed genuinely interested in them, going outside and beyond the original “script.” I hope I can go back again next year.

Denise interviews Kim Harrison on Colorado and Company


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2 responses to “Cover to Cover in Cincinnati

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  2. Great interview! I love hearing you talk about your characters and books.

    Take care,

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