It’s almost Valentines day!

Flowers, no. Card, no. Box of candy . . . no. Jewelry, no. 

Hamburger, check. Corn chips, check. Tomatoes, check. Cheese to shred, check. Cushy pillows and couch . . . check and check.

It’s nearing Valentines day, which means two things at our house: nachos, and the Westminster dog show!

If you’ve been lurking on my drama box for longer than a year, you probably already know about Guy’s and my tradition of watching the dog show and eating nachos, a remake, if you will, of our first date 27 years ago. Though to be honest, I don’t think we really watched the dog show much that first year. We have gotten to know some of the dogs who compete year after year, watch the new breeds, and wish the retiring animals happy trails. It’s one of the few sporting events (besides the super bowl) that we organize our week around, and I’m so glad to be home for it. It’s a two night event, and how many people can say they celebrate Valentines day for two, er, nights.

Westminster dog show 2013

I’ve also got for you today the pictures up from the last official event out at Schulers Books and Music. The bunny cam died during the signing (imager went out) so we have very few bunny cam shots. Fortunately we got the family photo before it died. (you should be able to click and get to a higher res picture, but if not, just jump over to the website for it and the rest of the photos. Schulers photos


So it was a fabulous tour, very even with the number of people at each event (lots) and good weather, which I can now say seeing as I’m home and I can’t jinx it. If you are still pining for a signed book, I left tons of them at Mysterious Galaxy (west of the Mississippi) and even more at Nicola’s (east of the Mississippi and my home store.) I’ll be going back in sometime this week to sign stock at Nicola’s, so if you’re in any doubt, order from them.

Order a signed book from Mysterious Galaxy

Order a signed book from Nicola’s


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6 responses to “It’s almost Valentines day!

  1. jkh

    Watched part of the Westminster show last night, and of course the contestants were all fabulous. But so many of the female dog exhibitors were wearing poorly fitting flats. I’m surprised nobody ran out of her shoes. And some of the ladies definitely need better undergarments. But then I know they spend all their time and interest on the dogs. I understand that many of us pay more attention to our interests than to ourselves. I didn’t know there were so many varieties of herding dogs!

  2. jkh

    I know you’re glad to be home; I know your puppies are glad to have you home, maybe even that hulking man-child is glad you’re home. (When did he get so tall?) I think it’s just sweet that you guys have such a realistic and individual Valentine’s Day ritual. I’m at the top of the library queue for Ever After, and sooo looking forward to it!

  3. We intend to watch it live, but just in case, we have the DVR set. This is our Superbowl!

  4. kim

    I get to declare Football Rules during Westminster, and hog the TV for two nights:^) Also? If you haven’t seen it, the movie “Best in Show” absolutely NAILS the dog show world. I saw it with my best friend (we’ve been showing dogs for years), and we swore we actually knew some of those people. LOL

  5. Dot Little

    My husband and I will celebrate our 40th anniversary this summer. Our first date was at his place having bad spaghetti and watching “Dog s Who Kills Their Master”

  6. Oh, no, RIP, Bunny Cam! Is that the only one you’ve used, or was it one in a line of cameras?

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