Quail Ridge Books

Despite having lived in South Carolina for over a decade, I’d never been to Quail Ridge Books in Raleigh. I knew it was a college town but I wasn’t sure if there was going to be 30 people or 100 at the event. Both me and the event’s manager were pleasantly surprised to find a rockin crowd waiting with people coming in from Tennessee and Minneapolis.

My Quail Ridge roadies, and there were a lot of them! Which sort of went along with the huge crowd.  Thanks guys! I’ve got tons more pictures including one of me and an orangutang, (No, not a real one!) at the website. Quail Ridge Photos

Tonight is Malaprops Books in Asheville NC. I’ve never been to this store either, and I’m looking forward to it!


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6 responses to “Quail Ridge Books

  1. Christi

    I am sick to death that I missed your signing here in Raleigh!! I have just finished Everafter and absolutely loved it!!! My favorite quote of the book… “I am yours!”

  2. http://www.ismellsheep.com/2013/02/kim-harrisons-ever-after-tour-raleigh.html
    I transcribed the Q&A at the Quail Ridge signing if anyone is interested 🙂 I am also giving away a singed copy of Ever After.

  3. vampyre

    Oh my, another huge turn out. I am very happy for you. Hang in there rock star. You’ ll get to go home soon. 😉


  4. Sounds like the tour is going great. You are missing some pretty snow here in Michigan, but in my book missing snow is a good thing 🙂

  5. Susan

    Wow I love all the photos of the cool fans. I have to say I like the pictures of all the different boots the women are wearing this year. I find myself checking out zappos.com boot section often since your tour got rolling. So far my husband found me twice looking at boots, I feel so guilty!

    • jkh

      Susan, a gal looking at boots is no worse than a husband looking at pretty ladies walking down the street or at the mall: No touching/buying, no foul…

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