Interviews, pod casts for Kim Harrison’s Ever After

Super Bowl Weekend! I’ve got tomorrow off to watch the commercials, er, I mean, the game, but this afternoon is Quail Ridge books. I’ve never signed in Raleigh/Durham, and I don’t know if I’m going to have 35 people or 100. Especially dicey if it’s an afternoon event.

I spent last night finding a few interviews and podcasts that have been collecting as I move across the time zones, and if there isn’t a link, it’s because whatever we did hasn’t been archived yet. I’ll update as they become available. I’ll  keep this same list on the front page of the website, (far left) and update it more frequently. Most of them are spoiler free, but do not read the USA Today “What inspired the end of EVER AFTER” if you want to go into the last couple of chapters innocently. 🙂


The List 9 News Colorado 2/5

BookPeople Blog 1/31

Live video chat on Good Reads 1/30

WYSO-AM Book Nook Interview 1/30

Live 9 News Colorado and Co 1/28

Clear Channel Radio 1/28

Tulsa World review-EVER AFTER 1/27

Miami Herald-Toil and Trouble 1/27

Austin Statesman-Kirkus review 1/26

USAToday-What inspired EVER AFTER ending 1/22 (spoilers)

Ann Arbor News-Harrison signs at Nicolas 1/22

Non-Productive Interview 1/21 (Link Soon)

“tell-all” Interview at Harper 1/7

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  1. I’ll be there! With my shirt on 🙂 Look for the lady carrying a stuffed sheep around! (I Smell Sheep site)

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