Texas Tour.

Phew! I’ve been busy! Sorry for not posting since Wednesday. Lots going on.

Big news? EVER AFTER has come in at a respectable 5 on the New York Times hardcover list.  Whoo-hoo! Doing the happy dance!

I’ve got pictures up of the three events in Texas. Murder by the Book in Houston which I talked about Wednesday.


Austin! That means Book People, and it was a great event Wednesday night. This was the third time that I’d been to Book People, so it was wonderful seeing everyone again.



And the Book People roadies! Thanks for coming out to see me guys! It was a great event.  I’ve got tons more pictures at the website. Book People in Austin.


Thursday was a quick drive to Dallas, where I had a event before the event with the ladies of Fresh Fiction, where we had a light dinner and a private Q&A before moving over to Barnes and Noble for the regular event. If you’ve not heard of Fresh Fiction, check them out. As I understand it, they have events in cities other than Dallas. Fresh Fiction. Check ’em out!

BND2The signing was fab with lots of roadies, one even from the Pale Demon tour. The Fresh Fiction ladies all came over to get their books signed, and I was introduced by Shannon from WFAA 8, Dallas, Good Morning, Texas. -big smile- You can see her in the above photo with me at the Fresh Fiction event.

BandNDroadiesAnd who else should be in the audience, but Vicki Pettersson, author of the Signs of the Zodiac and the new series, Celestial Blues, that starts with The Taken.

BN5I’ve got all the photos from the event at the website. Kim signs at Dallas B & N.

The interviews and such are just now starting to come in. I’ll have a list for you tomorrow. 🙂










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