Phoenix pictures, and tonight’s signing in Denver

It had been a while, nearly two years, since I’d been to Phoenix, well, Tucson, actually, and I was floored at the people who came out for the event! Dude, it stretched back almost halfway to the door. Phew! It was a long wait for the last few people, but we were all still smiling since it was a rainy day, and where else is better for a rainy day then a bookstore!


I had a great batch of roadies, and even one from OUTLAW DEMON WAILS. I’ve got a low res picture here, but you can snag the high res one from the website.


Before the event I signed some extra stock in the back room. If you’re in the area and missed the signing, they will have a few until they run out. (And then you can still order them from either Mysterious Galaxy or  Nicola’s)



I found this in the way-back room. Didn’t I say that back rooms were cool?

BN1I’ve got the rest of the photos I took, plus the bunny cam shots at the website.

Tonight I’ll be at the Tattered Cover Bookstore, LoDo location.. Hope to see some of you there!

PHOENIX pictures.




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4 responses to “Phoenix pictures, and tonight’s signing in Denver

  1. What a crowd! Sorry I missed the adventure but hubby was on the mend from some serious health issues earlier in the week and I couldn’t leave him alone for any length of time.
    Sure hope your Denver crowd shows as much support as our desert rats did.

  2. Jessica

    Loved the book, ending not so much, still waiting for them to get trapped or somethin and have sex lol. What happened to Wayde and David?

  3. Martin

    It was nice to meet you tonight. Thank you for what you do for the fans. You sure don’t come across as an introvert. Thanks for your courage too.

  4. I am gonna gush here…don’t judge me. I have only been to one book signing before, and it was a dud. But I always swore I would go to Kim Harrison’s signing if she ever came to Phoenix. When I got the news I bought the tour shirt and was all set to go. Kim rocked! I had a blast. The ONLY Debbie downer was that I, a semi professional, photographer, neglected to bring my camera because I could always use my phone, which, by the way, I never use. But because I have a Blackberry-asaurus, the camera took nothing but blurry pictures. Felt sorry for the assistant taking the picture of Kim and I together, because he kept thinking it was is fault the pictures were bad. No dude, it’s Blackberry. But I meet Kim and am in the roady picture. The Q and A was fantastic. It was everything I had hoped it would be. (the above is also a shining example of why I can’t Tweet)
    Thanks for coming to Phoenix, Kim

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