Mysterious Galaxy-rainy and rocking!

Last night was San Diego, and it was raining! Seriously! But the crowd turned out for us, and we had a great time.


I left a LOT of signed EVER AFTERs and INTO THE WOODS. If you want one of them, I’ve got a link to Mysterious Galaxy’s page. You’ll have to scroll a little. Mysterious Galaxy – buy Kim’s book I don’t know how long these will hold out, so don’t wait if you really want one.


The rain did not scare Mysterious Galaxy’s roadies away! Click the image to go to the higher res photo to snag for yourself if you were there.

MGroadiesAnd we have lots more photos at the website.


I’ve got tonight off, but I’ll be in Phoenix tomorrow afternoon. Hope to see some of you there! EVENT PAGE



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3 responses to “Mysterious Galaxy-rainy and rocking!

  1. jkh

    San Diego is a grand place to have a day off. Hope the rains gave you a break and you got a chance to go to the zoo, the park, etc. You can’t do it all in one day, but it’s a good introduction.

  2. Hello! I gave you a gift at your Signing last night. I was more then a bit punch drunk, and had been unable to tell you how much reading the Hallows has helped me through tough times. I love your wit! I have at times been stuck in a bed and unable to crack even a smile.. after re-reading most of Jenks though, it was even harder not to pee my pants while laughing.. I just wanted to say that last night while giving you a small token of thanks… =^.^= I guess the talking part just coming a bit late on my part. Thank you so much for giving us such a awesome world to vacation in!

  3. Just finished Ever After – another awesome story – so now I’m ready for the next one!

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