Day four of EVER AFTER tour

It’s day four of the EVER AFTER tour, and the pictures are starting to come in! One of my favorite parts of the tour is the pictures, and I’ve been trying to take more than I usually do so I can make a photo album (or board) over at Pinterest. I’ve even got a special one for the shots of the shoes you have all been taking for me with the bunny cam. You can see them here: Shoes of the Hollows tour

Powell’s in Portland was as amazing as I remember. If you’re in the area and you’ve never been to a book signing, this is a good place to start. They really know what they’re doing. Here I am chilling at the back room, and then a picture of the crowd. Powell’s is traditionally one of my largest events.




And finally a picture of my roadies! This is a low res shot, but if you were there and want one for yourself, the high res picture—along with the rest of the pictures I took and the bunny cam shots—jump on over to the website: Powell’s Pictures I’ve also got the pictures posted from University Book store Seattle, and Nicola’s in Ann Arbor.


Today I’m flying down to San Diego for tonight’s event at Mysterious Galaxy. This is another one of my favorite stores and I can’t wait to see some familiar faces!

I’ve got a nice listing of interviews and such that I’ll be adding to as I progress across the US, but I wanted to bring your attention to the upcoming “live” broadcasts of a fantastic interview on Sirius XM this weekend.

Listen to hear me on Sirus XM BookRadio Channel 80 Saturday  @ 8 EST and Sunday @ 3 EST

And a “tell-all” Interview at Harper 1/7

And don’t forget the UStreamed event from University Bookstore



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2 responses to “Day four of EVER AFTER tour

  1. Speedi

    Hi Kim!! Awww! I look at that picture of you in the backroom and I want to give a pillow….and a LazyBoy! Lol!!! You look like you could use some rest. I think it’s wonderful that you love your fans enough to do this. Hopefully, before the Rachel Morgan Saga comes to an end, I’ll be able to attend one of your tours (fingers crossed). It doesn’t hurt to dream does it? Nite, Kim! Get some sleep! 🙂

  2. Martin

    Hello Ms. Harrison,
    Thank you for what you do for your fans. Being on the road cannot be easy. You look tired, and the tour has barely started. I’ll bet you hardly have time to breathe. Take care of yourself.

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