Live Streamed Event at University Bookstore Seattle Now Archived

Last night’s event at University Bookstore in Seattle was absolutely too much fun! The entire event was UStreamed, which has since been archived so if you’d like to see what we do at one of my events, now is your chance. It’s a very short reading followed by the Q&A, but seriously, I have a lot of fun at these, and it’s great to hear the audience play along with me. How often do you get a chance to spend a few hours with people who like the same thing you do? Not nearly enough, if you’re like me. Oh! and the click “POWER” button is still active to order a book. Too cool!

Link to UStreamed event: Kim Harrison at University Bookstore 1/23/2013


I took a few pictures of before the event in the back room, (Hear I am with Sean of the Signed Page) and then tons of bunny cam photos. The Seattle crowd is creative, and I got lots of cool boots, socks, favorite passages, favorite books, and even a few well-behaved babies. Check ‘em out.

But I wanted to drop a picture of my University Books roadies right here. Some of them are starting to look ve-e-e-ery familiar. –grin- Thanks for coming out, guys. You made it happen.


Tonight I’ll be at Powells out at Beaverton. I think I’ve had an event at Powell’s every year that Harper has been sending me out, and it’s one of my larger events. They have a great space with lots of chairs, so if you are hesitant about standing that long, don’t be. Powell’s knows how to put on a fab event. Hope to see you there!

Link to Event’s Page


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10 responses to “Live Streamed Event at University Bookstore Seattle Now Archived

  1. Kim,
    Please (excuse my ignorance) describe a bunny-eared kiss-kiss for me. Thank you I hope!

  2. alexis

    Congrats on another booktour event success! I just slogged thru 5″ of new (today) snow to get my mail…and my copy of Ever After has finally arrived!!! So giddy!!!! (think steve martin and that new phonebook scene! hehehe) gotta go.

  3. Thanks so much for coming out to Seattle, Kim! I’ve missed the previous book signings because I work the graveyard shift in a downtown hotel, but this time I decided to just suck it up and live on the three and a half hours of sleep I managed to get. It was totally worth it!!!

  4. I finished listening to the audiobook of Ever After today. It is wonderful. Enthralling and satisfying, like a perfect meal that makes every tastebud light up. Have fun on the road … may all you events go splendidly. Your book made my day … my week … maybe my month. I think I’ll start reading it in print tomorrow. Thank you.

  5. WIlliam

    It was my first year in Portland and I totally went to the wrong Powell’s. I guess I’ll have to catch you next time.

  6. I love all the bunny cam shots!

  7. Cat

    Can’t wait to see you!!!

  8. Becca

    It’s not letting me watch it 😦

  9. vampyre

    I hope tonight}s event is as much fun as last nights. It would be great if you guys could stream all of your signings. Have fun!


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