EVER AFTER tour kick-off and tonight’s live streaming event

Tonight is the live-streaming event, coming from University Books in Seattle. If you can’t make a signing, this is a great way to get in on the fun. I’ll read a page from the book and take questions from the audience and the people in the chat room at USTREAM. It all starts about 7:00 P.M. PST, which is about three hours off from EST, but if you miss it, it will be archived and links will be at my website. I did this with Patricia Briggs last year and it was a great success. I only hope I will get some questions as I’ve noticed that if I’ve been to a store a lot, I’m kind of old news and they’ve already picked my brain in previous years.. –laugh-

If you plan on attending, take a few minutes to jump over to the site and log on. The page will not be active yet, but it’s a good idea to make contact ahead of time and avoid the last-minuet crunch. You can watch the event without signing in, but to post a question, you have to be in the chat room.

USTREAM EVENT 2/23/2013 University Bookstore

Last night was at my home store in Michigan, a fab independent store called Nicola’s. If you ordered a personalized book through my site, fb, or twitter, this is where they come from. I signed the very last yesterday, so they have only signed books now, not personalized. We’ll do it again next year, though.


The crowd was larger than last time with people sitting on the floor! A huge compliment and I owe Nicola’s a big thank you for making the kick-off event so well done. I overheard chairs being ordered while I was chillin’ in the back room, I kid you not. (grin)


And we had roadies! Lots of roadies! Even a few from previous years. I’ve got more pictures at the website.

Nicola’s event pictures


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14 responses to “EVER AFTER tour kick-off and tonight’s live streaming event

  1. Kim, we’re psyched to meet you in Asheville, NC!

  2. Nici

    Waiting for the recording of the stream – the time of the live stream would have been 4 am over here, therefore either a bit to late or to early for me; and I must admit, I was soundly asleep at that time. Please post the link up soooon.
    I get my copy from Amazon tomorrow… I know what I will be doing this weekend 😉 I actually should be doing my tax-return from 2011. It is such a hard choice, isn’t it?

  3. Jack

    For all UK Kindle users: Simply change your address to u.s. in your amazon account settings and then you can buy it from u.s. kindle store.

  4. Pat .

    Congratulations on the new book. Have lots of fun on the road. I wish I could fly over and get to one of the stores, but I will wait until they finally reach NZ.

  5. Oh wish I could make it out to one of the events as well. I did however finish the book, and let me say wow. Love it! And I have to add one more thing with out giving anything away….Al being drunk (and the rest of the scene) was the greatest!

  6. Stephanie Young

    Even though I could not be there, thanks for the opportunity to watch it live. I received my book today and cannot wait to dive in. Thanks so much from one of the little people.

  7. The livestream event was great!

  8. Vampyre

    Howdy ma’am,

    I got all pumped up for the streaming video, kept wondering where everyone was then I saw PST. Guess, I’ll wait a bit more then


    • Vampyre

      The stream was great. I almost felt like I was there with you all. Has “Guy” ever considered a position on the “Price is Right”?


  9. Reblogged this on Insanity Reigns Supreme and commented:
    How exciting! Oh I wish I could be there!

  10. Erin

    Kim, fantastic book. I cried when the babies cried. Thank you for all your hard work.

  11. Mary G

    That was so much fun! I lol’d when I saw that My friend Erin McGill-Beard and I were the first ones in the Bunny cam photos! What a great night:D Can’t wait to do it again!

  12. Just signed up at USTREAM. Really wish I could make one of the events (hopefully next year). Have fun!

  13. alexis

    Kim, congrats on last nite’s success!!! may it continue thru the whole trip!! Amazon says my copy of EA will be here on Sat.!!! i’m sooo pumped!!

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