UK issues, Hollows shirts, and signed EVER AFTERs, oh my !

EAhcCoverPhew! The ticker on my count down has reached zero, which means that EVER AFTER is officially PUBLISHED!  I remember three months ago looking at that ticker, thinking it would be forever, but no, the day managed to get here, and big, bright, beautiful copies should be landing on shelves this very moment.

I’ll be filling the blog with pictures over the next couple of weeks, but today it’s your day. If you have a picture of you with your Hollows shirt or book, drop it here, or link to it. Let me know if I can drop it on pinterest in the photo album. (I’ll take it down after about a year) Kim Harrison on Pinterest

The  offer of personalized EVER AFTERs from Nicola’s is in the final throes of expiration, but I will have another outlet for signed, (not personalized) before the week is out. Premier Collectables will have a bare 100 of them, but it will be a while before they will ship out seeing as I’ll be signing them after I get back from tour. If you want one sooner, I will leave a stock of them at Nicola’s before I leave tonight.

And yes, tonight! My first event for the tour is at Nicola’s in Ann Arbor, less than an hour out from Detroit. If you can’t make it, my first radio interview will be going live just about that time. I think you can catch it on the web at and click the listen button at about eight p.m. EST. I feel like I rambled in this one, but it’s only my second in almost a year and I’m rusty.

A heartfelt apology from me to my UK readers who were taunted with the thought of getting EVER AFTER both in print and e-verson when the title popped up for pre order months ago, and now there is not a copy to be found. My editors worked all week on finding out what was going on, and I’m left with the guess that EVER AFTER got caught up in a new policy. As soon as I know when the title will become available, probably the e-version, I’ll be sure to let you know. Believe me. I am so sorry. I like to tease, but not like this.

Finally, if you want a peek at EVER AFTER  up to chapter five and a smidgen of six, you can use the browse inside feature at Harper to do so.  Browse Inside EVER AFTER


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41 responses to “UK issues, Hollows shirts, and signed EVER AFTERs, oh my !

  1. louise

    It took
    awhile to get as It was not avalible in the UK on the publishing date despite being pre-ordered, my order vanished as did the book from
    Amazon uk! but when I finally got it, so worth the wait. Wow finished it today, I loved it brilliant. Although language has changed slightly, more swearing ‘f’ words
    compared to the last books. love
    the relationship developments with all the characters. thank you Kim…,, how long till the next one??

  2. Thomas Thompson

    Still no e-book though for the uk

  3. Candice

    Amazing!!! I always love your books and this one exceeded my expectations once again. Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed it, and to encourage you to keep up the great work. I anxiously await the next book in the series.

  4. Hi Ms Kim and gang-I’m Baaaak!. Spent alot of time streched on my bed of pain abused by uncareing medical professionals just because I blacked out,fell off my walker, and did a face plant in a snow bank. Don’t you just hate it when that happens?.I’ll be reading Ever After as soon as I have Kindle money.

  5. lynn from haverhill

    Got my book! Put my pic up on ur FB page and enjoyed checking out all the other fans who posted also. It was very fun having a HOLLOWS pride day

  6. gemma

    a perfect blood came out the same time as the rest last year that version is a special uk version thats why its not out yet i am very disapointed that such a great series has now joined the long list of books that are not avalable to the uk customers until months later.

  7. ARRGH! Something came up last night and I couldn’t make it to Ncola’s after all my planning! Hope everything went well and good luck on the rest of the tour!

  8. Nush

    😦 127km from nearest book store roads cut from rain and no digital version available yet in Australia *sigh* just have to wait a bit longer

  9. Jan V

    Always a pleasure seeing u and Guy, Kim. And Nicola’s is such a cool place. Everyone there is so nice and helpful. The snowy drive home was a bear, but so worth it. Had a great time.
    P.S. Finished Ever After, and LOVED it. Definitely one of my favorites.
    Hope you enjoy the Dragonfly bookmark. 🙂

  10. Ward

    Ann Arbor N kim is on the road again!! Just as enjoyable to meet as ever!! KIM, Clint Eastwood ttiles playing out. Maybe try John Wayne. Even has movie title Wake of Red Witch. Possibly Harrison Ford. BOTH strong lead actors, lot of movie titles to choose from.
    HAVE my signed copy of Ever After. You get the chance, visit Kim at one of her tour stops. Worth the time and effort.

  11. Martin

    MY BOOK ARRIVED!!!!! Don’t interrupt me for the next few hours.

  12. Nichole Adams

    See you in Ann Arbor tonight! 🙂

  13. Maria

    Wited up ill 12 to download this morning. But had to wit till 2 to get it I the nook. Really thinking of doing the audible as well. Can’t wit to finish it. If baby allows me.

  14. Jo

    Arrrhhh what a nightmare have been waiting for this for ages and could not believe it when my eBook version had not downloaded I am devastated!!!!👿😈👿. Biting nails until published in UK!!

  15. I downloaded my copy on my Nook at 1:15 this morning! I’m so geeked! Happy travels Kim. I wish I could come see you when you hit Seattle, but my hubby is out of town this week and I can’t leave my girls alone (and the 2 yr old would not be very excited about standing around in a book store lol).

  16. Bryn Thenell

    I promised myself I’d stay within my budget and wait to get EVER AFTER from the library, but I’m number 21 on the list and they probably don’t even have a copy yet! Every time I pick up my Nook I tell myself to show a little restraint but that “shop” button keeps calling my name.

  17. Mendi in STL

    Heyde Hey!
    Happy Release Day dear author friend! Safe travels to you and “Guy” for the tour.

  18. Good Morning Kim, Congratulations on Ever After’s long awaited release. YEAH! I won’t be in the audience tonight (much to my saddness) but I plan on seeing you in Lansing. I have friends & family that may be visiting you in AZ & Oregon, don’t be too surprised. 😉 Safe travels. Soak up the love.

  19. The UK issue with EVER AFTER might be down to the fact that the UK edition of A PERFECT BLOOD isn’t published (according to until Jan 31st. (

  20. Got both the audible and Kindle versions this morning. I checked at 2AM last night, but I had to wait until morning (drat). I guess I must have been a bit over-eager. And guess what I’m doing? Yes, I’m listening to the Audible version, then I’ll read the Kindle version. Wanted a signed book, but my budget objected … Sigh. Fixed incomes are so limiting. But I’m loving it so far and expect to keep loving it. I always do.

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