Trying something new for the upcoming tour . . .

The last couple of months I’ve been so disgusted with fb that I’ve been actively looking for a new reader outreach platform, and I think I might have found something that will work in conjunction with my blog. (If you’re not aware of it, fb posts do not go to everyone who has asked to see them, even if you have clicked every button and added them to your interests list. They are sent to a percentage based on how many likes, comments, and links a post gets, so cute pictures of cats usually reach twice as many people as a post about a change in the tour or a Manic Monday. Unless of course I pay to increase that percentage. So not happy.)

So . . . I’ve been looking, and I will be developing a couple of boards over at pinetrest. If you are there already, I’m at kimharrisonbook I’d really like to get my board with Found Hollows Art stacked. If you know of any good stuff, drop a link to it in the comment’s section right here so I can pin it. 🙂 or if you want to see what I’ve found, you can do that too. Found Hollows Art


Pinterest is not a place for fast communication or contests, but rather a slower, closer, community that is designed to share interests and ideas. I’ll continue to use my blog for timely updates and Manic Mondays, but look at pinterest for the more . . . homely stuff that tends to get buried on fb after four hours. I will be dropping photos of the tour there, not of readers as much as a few behind the scenes photos. It’s going to be a wild trip, and it will be nice to have a scrapbook of sorts where everything is all together.

If you’ve not heard of pinterest, it’s kind of cool. With very little effort, you can get an app that fits on your upper menu that lets you lift (or pin, as they call it) a picture from any website and drop it onto one of your boards. Or if what you like is on pintrest, you can repin from someone else’s board. You get a few hundred words to talk about it, and people who follow you can see what you’ve added. (If you join pintrest, take forty seconds to watch the tutorial on how to put the pin button in your menu bar or favorites. It makes everything so much easier.)

I haven’t seen any ads yet, so I don’t know how they’re making their money. That’s my only question right now, but if the cookies are good, I don’t mind eating them.


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  1. I flipped off fb almost as soon as I’d signed up for it years ago…doesn’t sound as though it’s improved, either! All the best with pintrest 🙂

  2. I’ve been fortunate to see what I think are most of your posts, but am in the same boat. My wife and I have a FB page for our fledgling jewelery business. We can’t afford marketing & had hoped FB would help us keep people updated when we took stuff to the craft market we have a booth at. It’s not really working but haven’t moved away from it yet. Good luck finding a platform!

    • You too, Alex. FB worked really well for a while, but lately even my new likes are down. I’m thinking that pintrest is going to fit in well with my outreach. Nothing will fulfill all the needs, but if you can find a balance with a few, you’re halfway there.

  3. Kat

    Kim – there is a fan group on fb that has some nice fan art if you have not found it already – Vampiric Charms.

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    I am anxiously awaiting my digital copy of Ever After to land on my Nook on release day.

  5. s. b

    GOOD for you! FB has/is becoming a similar version to High school..

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    Thanks for the info. spreading the news.

  7. Reblogged this on Darker Passions and commented:
    Thanks for the info. spreading the news.

  8. MissAlexa

    I, too, find pinterest confusing (but maybe that’s because I don’t venture there too often), and I must be one of the lucky few — I seem to get most all of your posts on my personal newsfeed. But, that said, my own workplace (a public library) only shows up occasionally in the newsfeed. Go figure.

  9. Janey Thornton

    Hi Kim,

    Yes, FB and Twitter can be very annoying at times. I can speak only for myself that I appreciate your change of venue. I actually like Pinterest. But I suppose like MySpace, then Facebook, and then Twitter, Pinterest will begin to act like the other social media. I actually miss the days of getting a handwritten letter from a friend or family member telling me what’s been going on in their life in the past few months. Now we know everything about everybody. Ya know, there are just some things I don’t really want to know. Ignorance IS bliss!

    See you on the 29th. I will be there this time. I will not let the weather keep me away.

    Janey Thornton

    Always do right. This will gratify some people and astonish the rest. ” ~ Mark Twain

  10. Christine

    For the last few months, I’ve been holding out trying not to join Pinterest, but looks like I’m caving. I think having a visual community is a great idea.

    I wondered how Pinterest was making revenue as well and Googled it. The answer is in their FAQ page with other usual info for newbies.

  11. Rita Lockwood

    Most websites have an option for Facebook, twitter, Pinterest, etc. It’s easy to use…. I always click until I get to the original post though (suggested by Pinterest) that gets every to the desired result much faster!

  12. Rita Lockwood

    I have found that if I use my Kindle Fire HD, I get ALL the posts on that! So that’s how I’m keeping up on Author posts, etc. You can also put an app for Pinterest on your smart phone…. It’s a great place to keep track of favorite recipes! I have A Perfect blood on my Pinterest under Books worth reading! I will also and the others…..

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    I’m practically hyperventilating waiting for the release of Ever After!

  14. I found you on Pinterest and followed what I could. I have always found Pinterest a bit confusing, though I have some followers through Pinterest … I’m not quite sure how to “like” something or comment. I follow this, but I admit to be a bit lame about Pinterest.

  15. Twitter is an easy way to send short blurbs out to a large audience!

  16. Lynn

    What a great idea! I love Pintrest and agree with your frustration with FB. So…guess I will see you over Pintrest 🙂

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