Did ‘ja know?

Holy cow, I’ve got boxes on my doorstep! Big beautiful boxes with gloriously gold and black books in them with my name on it. (big grin)

It doesn’t get much better than that, the knowing that they’re wanted, eagerly waited for. I’m not so far away from that person who used to send manuscripts to people in NY who really didn’t want them, hoping when I stuck stamps on them and sent them off that someone would see what I was trying to say and help me to say it better.

There’s a peace now where hope used to dominate, even as I still strive to write the next book with even more finesse–a calming satisfaction that will carry me through the next few weeks when I step outside my comfort zone and be an ambassador of sorts to something I believe in. But I’d never be able to do it if you didn’t want those shiny wrapped thoughts and ideas, adventures and supposes. Thanks, guys.

Wow, this is a great job. 🙂






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35 responses to “Did ‘ja know?

  1. LeeAnn

    can’t wait for Ever After to come out i am rereading the whole series to refresh my memory of everything that has happened on Rachel’s journey. the story is just as good this time though as it was the first time I read the books. Thanks for a great adventure.

  2. Dee

    I just called the University Book Store in Seattle, to reserve two copies of your book for the book signing, (I’m afraid if I order it through my local book store it won’t be here in time for the signing). I almost had a heart attack. The message on the phone number you posted starts out with, “As of Jan 4th I no longer work for University Book Store”, Thank goodness you can press buttons and with just a short wait, get to a real person that Does work for the book store.

  3. Sondra

    That bookshelf looks familiar…Oh yeah! Reminds me of mine!

  4. alexis

    I want to thank you for the books you write, the characters you create, and the access you grant us to them and yourself. As an “ink-addicted” individual, my life would be pretty bleak if not for the authors and their works that fill my life. With ideas and worlds to entertain & amuse & broaden my mind, life is better. Thank you, Kim, thank you!!!!

  5. vampyre

    Howdy ma’am,

    My shelf looks kinda like like yours and I love it. Next Tuesday just wont get here fast enough. Looks like Atlanta is a bust so I hope you’ll make it to my neighborhood in ’14. Attending your signings is a major highlight for me.


  6. Like someone said before, thank you for sticking with your dream while waiting for someone to spot the gem of your writing. Can’t wait to get Ever After added to my Kim Harrison shelf!

  7. kelly

    i just wanted to say you are AWESOME!! as a parent of a “potential” writer i am inspired that one day it will HOPEFULLY pay off her my daughter as it did for you as long as you don’t give up! I enjoy all your updates and blogs and fb posts….THANK you for all that you do…I do print off your suggestions and helpful notes and writing techniques in hopes that it helps my daughter as well.

  8. Martin

    Thank you, Ms. Harrison. Your work is deeply appreciated.
    I noticed you’re almost out of room on your book shelf. Looks like you’ll have to retire soon.

    • jkh

      Heaven forfend, Martin! When a shelf is full, you start a second shelf. When all the shelves are full, you get another bookcase. My daughter and I have bookcases in all the rooms except for the bathroom.

    • Martin

      Hi jkh,
      I busted a gut laughing at your horrified response. I was kidding! And we DO have a bookshelf in the bathroom. There is nowhere we don’t have books; books are what we collect.

    • My agent won’t let me, Martin. -grin-

  9. Jennifer

    Congratulations on well deserved success! We love you for your wonderful writing and are so excited for 22 Jan and your tour! Can’t wait!

  10. Congratulations, Kim! I already read an ARC for review, and I STILL can’t wait to read it again!

  11. Reblogged this on Bloodthirsty Muses and commented:
    This post is so beautiful to me — it just goes to remind you that your favorite authors, your heroes, are people too. They struggle, they work, they worry about their literary babies, and hope that their readers enjoy their hard work. It’s easy for us as readers and aspiring writers to forget that. We feel so entitled to their products, like they owe us something, when they’re just writers who managed to become popular by hook or by crook or just plain sweat of their brow.

    I already read this book for review, but I can’t wait to read the final copy again!

  12. Diva

    I think you’ve more than earned a little measure of peace. And thank YOU for being persistent in banging your head against those NY publishing house walls. If you had been any less true to your dreams, we never would’ve had the opportunity to venture into a wonderful place called the Hollows, a place populated by itchy witches, aloof elves, scheming demons, and potty mouthed pixies.

    • Sondra

      Thank you Kim! And yes, we have to have our potty mouthed pixies! The series wouldn’t be the same without him!

  13. avisr2012

    Thank YOU, Kim. Your writing fills a need for me. And you’re younger than me, so just keep on writing, hopefully I’ll die befor you write your last words!

  14. Reblogged this on Serendipity and commented:
    Ever After is out next Tuesday, January 6th. Yah.

  15. The best moment is when you take one of those brand new books and gently open it and get a whiff of in and that soft crack of a new binding giving way.

  16. Speedi

    That IS awesome, Kim!! Looks like my collection. Lol!!!

  17. Love the bookself! Surprised you don’t have hard bound copies of everything that came out in hardcover. Hiding elsewhere in the house?

  18. Stephanie Young

    I cannot wait to delve back into your universe and see Rachel back in action.

  19. Raechel

    So excited for next Tuesday! It’s going to be an all nighter for reading.. Sooo couldn’t help but notice Outlaw Demon Wales is out of order on the bookshelf. Sorry it’s the book series perfectionist in me :).

  20. Thank you!Both for what you do so well and the inspiration!I’m much earlier in the process ,my first WIP.I’m at the “it’s good, but can I write it?” step, and then after “am I good enough” is sending it to others, “is it and am I good enough?”. Thanks for inspiration and light on the path 🙂 I’m awaiting my copy of “Ever After”:)

    • New York isn’t looking for Good Enough. They are looking for a spark of something new that they know how to market. Sad but true. Once NY takes you in, the work really starts, and that’s not a bad thing. Good luck!

  21. Soooo super excited!!!!!!!

  22. What a wonderful, poignant update. Congratulations, Kim! I look forward to reading it very soon!

  23. Love the pic! I’d love to buy that collection! To bad you didn’t have a jumbo complete collection for sale with all books! That would be awesome!!!

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