Eight days:

EAhcCoverI’ve got one more weekend before Guy and I head out on tour.  I’m already planning it out, and it’s only Monday! Hair, nails, new boots if I can find any that fit the precise criteria , and any little project I need to finish up before walking out the door are going to soak up the time between then and now. It helped that we had our January thaw Friday and Saturday, so the outside is now tidy with the Christmas lights put safely away. They are lingering inside. Guy cries when the decorations go down, so I have to do it slowly.

But it’s cold again, with a light dusting of snow, and I’ve got five days to work on my rewrite before I pack it up. The rewrite is going pretty good, actually, but today is going to be a bear. Friday I tweaked a chapter ending to make it more powerful, which left me with an awkward transition, and since I abhor three-page transitional chapters, I might end up rewriting the entire next chapter to change the location to get rid of it. We’ll see.

Keep an eye on the drama box the next few days. I feel like Doctor Okun isolated in his top-secret bunker, watching all the neat gizmos and gadgets start to come alive as the world collapses outside. (Independence Day) Harper has a bang-up tour planned, and I’ll bring it to you day by day. Tomorrow is the release of chapter three, and there’s a quiz in the works, the ustream of Seattle’s event, and all sorts of interviews and spots. 🙂

Nicola’s is still taking orders for personalized books from now until the evening of the 22, but the sooner you order, the sooner it goes out. They’re trying hard to get them to you on release day.

Nicola’s order page

Also, today and tomorrow are the last days to order from Eagle Eye (Atlanta) and Uncle Hugos (Minneapolis) to try to get that last tour stop. How to “vote”


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7 responses to “Eight days:

  1. sue macdonald

    Have just read Ever After on kindle and have the book ordered (have to have a hard copy!). Absolutely loved it, as I have with the rest in the series. But I have to ask, are Rachel and Trent ever going to get together? I don’t think I can continue hanging out endlessly for them to finally get their act together. Too many near misses…..

  2. Kat Fincel

    Kim, do you have any idea how long the wait will be for Ever After to come out in paperback? I plan to get it as an e book when it’s released so i can read it because I’m not a fan of hardbacks. I much prefer to have a paperback as my physical copy and its really irritating and frustrating to have to wait so long for it to come out. Your series is one of the few that I eagerly (and not so patiently!) wait for each book to be released! Thanks!

    • Hi Kat. Ahh, they usually come out in late November, December, but the hard cover came out a month early, so I would expect that to be reflected in the mass market as well. I’m a paperback girl myself, so I can relate. sigh. Watch out for spoilers. This is one of my faves.

  3. Jennifer

    I’m super stoked because Kim is going to be in my hometown of Austin, Tx on the day of my birthday!!! I couldn’t ask for a better gift( to myself from myself…lol)!!!

  4. Our nights have been in the single digits with day temps not even reaching freezing for a few days now. I’m up at the 5,200-foot elevation but even Phoenix has had hard freeze nights lately. I hope it warms up for you by the 27th but I’d pack a few extra layers just in case.

  5. Good luck with the new boots! I’ve been looking for a pair and haven’t found the exact right ones yet. Maybe I’ll find some to wear to Nicola’s next week. Thank goodness we’re down to days before I can get Ever After–my patience is pretty much all used up at this point.

  6. Martin

    The National Western Stock Show opened on Friday, and we had our opening of “Stock Show Weather”; really cold and some snow. Looking forward to the next chapter. Really looking forward to the next book. Hope to see you when you are in Denver. Good luck with the boots. The right boots are important.

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