Tour cities, last voting, signed books, and organization! Yay!

I am slow this morning, very slow, but on the upside, I had a charming dream about a carved village scene hidden in my pool table along with a pomeranian. Please don’t ask.

Why so slow? We are fifteen days out from release, which means that I’m trying to shift my internal clock a few hours toward the West Coast. Laugh if you will, but I distinctly do not remember my first signing at Powells old store before we moved it to Beaverton. I know I was asleep.

I’m going to start hitting the echinacea as well to bolster my immune system. After a few years, it starts tasting pretty good, and I hear the flue is bad this year. We already had a  bought of it go through our house, but whatever my boys had, it was 24 hours, and not as fierce as I’m hearing it can be. Two weeks out takes a tole, and If I don’t start preparing now, I will be flat on my back and sick by day nine, and seeing you guys is too much fun to do when you’re drugged up on dayquil.

So yesterday I wound up doing something I never expected. Guy took the false back out of a closet and found another ten by four space, which had to be refloored, rewalled, and the blown-in insulation repacked where it had fallen out because there WAS no wall holding it in. That took him two days, but everything that was in the closet before was in piles in the main room. Well . . . when we moved, I threw all my old manuscripts in boxes, well-labled boxes, but I didn’t have time to sort them. And they needed sorting.  That’s what I did Sunday, saving only three manuscripts from each book. (The original rough draft that no one sees, the one that I sent to my editor with notes all over it, and then a box of notes, dialog, maps, and plots.) I can get two books in one big box, and I wound up throwing away at least a dozen manuscripts that were useless. Yay me. My spring cleaning is complete.

Dead Witch Walking 2004

Dead Witch Walking 2004

I also found the original short story that started DEAD WITCH WALKING. I had named her Wanda Wisk at that point, and the last person who laughed at that “spent the night at the ER with one of those drink umbrellas up his nose.”  It’s surprisingly close to what ended up on the shelf, with the tone shifted but the voice almost the same.

Also, today is the last day to vote for Minneapolis or Atlanta. I know there is no way we are going to hit 150 books, but if I know my publicist, she’s going to want to do something, even if it is just signing the winning store’s books, so don’t give up voting. Bring Kim to: Minneapolis   Bring Kim to: Atlanta

EAhcCoverBest news is that if you are not going to be near any city I’m coming to, (click here to check) you can still get a signed book, and Nicolas will try very hard to get it to you by the release date. We did this with INTO THE WOODS, and though it was a lot of work on both our parts, the result was fantastic, so they are willing to give it another go. Price listed includes domestic shipping to get it to your door on release day. Nicola’s will ship international as well  if you email them for a shipping quote, but they are going to try very hard to get your signed / personalized book to you at the release date. I sign them in the order they come in, so if you want one, now is the time to order. I’ll be heading in there soon to get the early copies going. Just be sure to tell them in the comment box if you want it just signed, or if you want it personalized to _______ and I’ll write in a little note as well.

Order from Nicola’s


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12 responses to “Tour cities, last voting, signed books, and organization! Yay!

  1. jkh

    Unless you are opposed to flu shots and if you haven’t had one, do consider getting a flu shot now. You’ve got 2 weeks for your immune system to build up its defenses, a perfect interval. And we’re having a heck of a time with rotovirus here in the Pac NW; do consider “ick”anacea and Indigo’s Astragalus.

  2. genki

    Will there be any live online and/or after-the-fact web-posted video recordings of any signings this time around? Really enjoyed watching the one of you with Patricia Briggs last year…

  3. Hi Kim, I ordered my book from Nicolas before I knew about a possible added tour location. I live in St.Paul, Minnesota and would still love for you to come to Minneapolis. I was at the Black Magic Sanction signing and it was such a great pleasure to meet you. If you don’t make it to Minnesota on this tour, I so hope that you consider us for the next book release. Thank You for being such a wonderful writer and part of my stress relief.

    • We’ve extended the contest, Laura. There is still a chance I will make it to Minneapolis. Tell your friends!

      I’m so glad you’re enjoying the books. Thanks!

  4. Cassie

    seriously considering going through someones trash for the first time in my life. . . . just saying.

  5. I’ll bet you could have auctioned off those discarded manuscripts on eBay for a tidy sum.

  6. For your immune system, you might try switching to Astragalus, rather than Echinacea. It comes in both tincture and capsule form, is better for boosting your immune system, is not endangered, and doesn’t taste as wicked. It also doesn’t lose its effectiveness after 2 weeks like Echinacea does. As an added bonus, will help regulate your adrenals so that you handle stress more easily. Can’t wait to see you in Denver!

    • jkh

      Indigo, I am going to take your recommendations to heart and head for my herbalist’s shop to get a supply of astragalus. My sister will be starting chemo and she’ll need every help she can geet.

    • Luck and courage to you both. I do not envy either of you the journey ahead.

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