Printing out book twelve, and voting continues!

Feels good to be back in my office today. I took the entire week off between Christmas and New Years, the first time I’ve done that in about ten years. I did NOTHING but piece together fabulous wooden puzzles, knit holiday socks and mittens for those I love, baked, cooked, ate, ate some more, and watched lots of movies, football, and the latest series drama coming out of Washington. But the mind never really steps completely away from the work, and it’s a relief to be able to sit in my quiet, peaceful office and feel the stress channeled into positive action.

I’m printing out  book twelve today to send off to my publisher. I’ve not looked at it in several months, but it felt as ready as possible when I put it aside. I see where I think it needs work, but I need a second set of eyes before I rip it apart so I don’t overdo it.

I know it would be faster to simply email it to my editor than print it out and send it along with an electronic copy, not to mention cheaper, but we both like working from paper and I’m hoping that if she has a real manuscript to work from that I’ll get it back with marks and comments instead of an electronic copy with easily read comments in the margin and changes made and needing only my approval. It’s the way things are heading. I both applaud it and dread it.

I work so much with stuff in my head and on the screen that I try to retain what I can of the tactile–of the cool sound of sliding paper, the stacks of print shifting from one side of my desk to the other to make the pacing easier to study, and the frowning over handwritten comments giving me time to soak in the meaning behind the question. Besides, I don’t catch typos on the screen well. The screen has always represented temporary, easily fixed. It’s only in the paper copy that it feels real and I pay attention. My bad.


The bunnies from A PERFECT BLOOD tour are ready for the next tour, and so am I! We just have one more store to decide, and it’s up to you.  The grudge match between Eagle Eye Books in Atlanta and Uncle Hugos in Minneapolis is still going on for a few days more. The voting is really slow, and I don’t think either store is going to make it to the 150 book cut off. You always run the risk of things not working out when you try new marketing techniques, but it might turn around yet. Not much happens between Christmas and New Years, and there’s an entire week to go. If you’re in Atlanta or Minneapolis, it’s a great way to get a signed book.

To vote for Atlanta.
To vote for Minneapolis.

Or you can order from Nicola’s and get it personalized . . . I know my website says we can’t personalize it with a note, but for an organized big release like this, we can and do! Just tell me who it’s for and that you want a note in the comment box when ordering.

And to see if I’m coming to your town, here’s the event’s page.


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15 responses to “Printing out book twelve, and voting continues!

  1. Dee

    Hi Kim, I was happy to see Seattle on the book tour again this year. I was also hoping that you would invite another author to join you. Yasmin Galenorn will be in Seattle on Feb. 2nd. I don’t know if you guys have met, but after last year, seeing you and Patricia Briggs together, I think you and Yasmin would have made a great team too.

  2. MichBidd

    Hi Kim, I just wanted to say that I’m a huge fan of your books. I have read the Hollows series way too often. Every time I read them though, I get a deeper knowledge of the stories and see layers that I didn’t see exist before. I can’t wait until the next book comes out! I’m glad you moved back to your home state as that is where I call home too. Thanks for the hours of enjoyment and escape. Keep on writing!
    P.S. if you ever need a good electronic proof reader, I’m that person. I see mistakes both in print & electronic format all of the time (and they drive me crazy).

  3. jkh

    What you need is an origami bunny (or 2, or …) I have only mastered the folding letter for envelope technique, so I can’t be the one to do it. But I see the need.

    Today is January 2; just 21 days ’til I see you in Seattle!

  4. alexis

    Happy holiday-done-right!!! 😉 i agree that paper is best!! that is why i don’t/won’t have tech books until they stop making book-books!!! there is nothing like the feel/sight/smell of a REAL book in my hands!!! and i can’t see oopsies ever either!! (i thot it was my learning disabilities!!!) Haha! cant wait for EA and the other books!! i am soooo ink addicted!! love your books and am thankful i found the Hollows!

  5. Yesterday, I attempted to send an EMail to Guy but I am not sure if it was actually sent. The subject was an inquiry if he could order an Ever After tee shirt and let me pay on June 9th. This is because I am on Social Security and won’t get my check until then. I am a long time fan and perhaps youj remember me and my 6″6″ tall wife from the signing last year at Eagle Eye Book Shop in Decatur, GA. I would much appreciate it if you would grant this request. My size is XXL and my address is Ron Marlar, 1812-B Ashborough Circle, Marietta, Ga 30067. My payment would be made via PayPal. Thank y ou in advance, Ron.

  6. ~Lynn from Haverhill

    Glad to hear u got to do what u wanted to do over the holidays. Especially since u haven’t in 10 yrs! I’d say its well deserved.. and then some. Good luck to both states in the running. Such a cool contest idea. Still lovin that bunny pic. (And not just cuz the black one was from me ;)) I’m eagerly waiting for Ever After. It’s awesome that it comes out a month early, and even better that ur tour will be allowing u a nice spring to enjoy more time with ur fam and plants. I wish my thumb was as green as urs 🙂 Its a new dawn, a new day.. and I’m feeling good.

  7. Hi! I just pre-ordered my copy from Murder By the Book in Houston and we will (hopefully) be there on the 29th when you get there. We missed the last signing because my husband had heart valve replacement surgery the day your signing 2 years ago. So this will be a treat for both of us, he’s actually the big fan, I love the books but he’s the one who is in love with Rachel and Ivy.

  8. Oh, Kim, you are the Goddess! I just posted my review of the PRECIOUS AND AWESOME Ever After ARC I was blessed with by your publisher the other day, and now I’m positively chomping at the bit to see what happens next. Ever After was AMAZING. Seriously, I can’t get it out of my head, so much happened! Fantastic job, and I’ll be drooling at the front of the line for my own hard copy when it comes out this month! I wish I could meet you in person and rave and squee like the insane fangirl I am, but alas, you don’t stop near me. I have to just snuggle your book, which may be scary to those around me, but not to you and yours.;)

    I’m with you as far as having to do edits on paper. With a red or pink pen, even. I still do a lot of my writing longhand when I can, although I find that as I get older, that’s getting more difficult. But still when it comes to edits and re-writes, doing it onscreen just isn’t as effective for me.

    Glad you got to chill for the holidays. Happy New Year!


  9. I thought I was the only one that can’t see on-screen typos. Of course, I often can’t see typos, period (sigh). I’m so glad that the next book is heading toward publication. I know the end is near, but until it arrives, I live for the next installment. I’m now holding my breath for delivery of the new book this month … I need my fix!

  10. Sherri

    It says you posted this at 11:09 am, but it’s only 10:30 am and I’m pretty sure we’re in the same eastern time zone. o.o

    • Dominique Z

      LOL…my PC says 9:42am, so if you are east coast, it would be 10:43am. Your post says 11:31am. Obviously, the website forgot to fall ahead.

  11. Dominique Z

    Hello.. I have an unusual question. I tried to go back on the link above for MN to order another book and the website wouldn’t let me. I am not trying to swing votes, I promise :). The book/ticket is for another person who wants to come to a signing too! Is there a reason a person can’t buy two? Thank you

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