Last Call For EVER AFTER Tour Ts

I hope everyone is having a restful, peaceful New Years. I’m looking forward to our annual seafood feast. But before I get lost in the festivities tonight, I did want to remind everyone that the last day to order a tour T to make the last print run is the 3rd of January. After noon EST, the last order will be placed with the printer. The cutoff is early this year, but we’re down to a handful of days before the release, and we need time to get them out to you.


If you don’t like pay pal and need to snail mail a money order, you can still order a tour T, but you have to email Guy at to tell him what size/address before the cutoff so he can get your shirt printed.

I’ve got a great page set up that details how to order HERE  Ignore the note about the increase in shipping cost. We’re just going to eat the difference. 🙂




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5 responses to “Last Call For EVER AFTER Tour Ts

  1. ~Lynn from Haverhill

    Happy New Year Kim, Guy and fam! Cheers to new beginnings!

  2. Happy New Year to you and Guy and the Things, Kim. I’ve got my shirt and am looking forward to seeing you in Phoenix on the 27th.

  3. Vampyre

    Happy New Year and may all your bunnies burn brightly.


  4. Happy New Year! Looking forward to wearing my tour t at Nicola’s!

  5. Happy New Years to you and yours, Kim. May 2013 be fab. Hope to see you in Phx. Hugs and Cupcakes. ~Suzi (and Missy, too)

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