Kim Harrison’s last minute gift scramble

Guy and I have two distinct styles to get ready for the holiday season. Because of my work schedule, (and nature) I start shopping early, I wrap early, I bake early, and I have three blessedly calm days before Christmas. Guy on the other hand USED to be a last minute man, so bad that he told me once he shopped at a gas station for gifts on the way to a family get-together.

My calm enjoyment of the last three days before Christmas must have been getting to him, because now he’s almost as bad as me, and we are both sitting pretty, enjoying a cup of cocoa before a nice fire watching Rudoph. 🙂

HAHmmCoverISHowever . . . for you last minute gift givers, I do have a couple of links to some e-merchandise that might help fill a Christmas stocking. Most of these are US only. Sorry about this, but because they are publisher in origin, the offers tends to be very border specific.

First, Avon is having a massive sale of romance titles from .99 to 7.99. HOLIDAYS ARE HELL is in there, which has Two Ghosts for Sister Rachel, plus three other stories from Lynsay Sands, Marjorie M. Liu, and Vicki Pettersson. It’s a great way to fill up any new device you might be giving, or round out your own library.

FOCmmCoverISFistful of Charms is on sale (e-book) for 1.99.  If you follow the links from here, you will get the version that has the first two chapters of EVER AFTER included.

I also want to remind you that Nicola’s is taking on the task of offering signed and/or personalized copies of EVER AFTER. I’ve worked with Nicola’s before, and they try very hard to get them shipped out so they land on your door on the release day. Now, I know that we are still 29 days out from release, but if you want to grab the picture below, you can print it out and stick it in a stocking. Be sure to tell Nicola’s if you just want my signature, or signed to so-and-so with a little note at the comment box when you order or you will just get a book. International orders are okay, but please e-mail them for a shipping quote at first.



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12 responses to “Kim Harrison’s last minute gift scramble

  1. jkh

    Seattle, University Bookstore, is the second stop on the tour. And I will be there! Jan 23 is less than a month away! I just got my 2013 wall calendar and the first thing I wrote on it was KIM HARRISON. That’s also in my date book….

  2. Linda

    Just got Blood Crime to Christmas. I love it 😀 Merry Christmas Ms. Harrison

  3. Merry Christmas to both of you!

  4. Martin

    It’s officially Christmas now, so I sincerely hope everyone has a joyous and loving and SAFE Christmas holiday. Bless us all. every one.

  5. Merry Christmas to all!

  6. Merry Christmas everyone.


  7. Hi Ms. Kim-I almost forgot,Smudge and Quigley send holiday greetings and Smudge still dearly wants to meet the pups since our spoilsport neighbor keeps hers on a leash and I never let Smudge out.So it’s going to have to be one of those dreams,I guess.

  8. jkh

    How extremely thoughtful of you, as usual. Thanks so much! Sending my best wishes to Kim, Guy, Thing 1 (wherever he may be) and Thing 2, and of course to the puppies and the rest of the family, for a very happy, safe, healthy holiday and the very best New Year.

  9. Merry KissyMoose and a Happy New Deer!

  10. Maureen Minnie

    Merry Christmas and enjoy

  11. Daniel Harkavy

    I want a jpg of a signed cover to associate with the ebook.

  12. Ana

    Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!

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