Special holiday-e-book-price for FISTFUL OF CHARMS

Harper Voyager is continuing the tradition of making one of the earlier titles available for the temporary price of $1.99 for the holiday gift-giving season. It’s a very cool way to put something on that new device or round out your own library. This year, it is A FISTFUL OF CHARMS, and for a bonus, it includes the first two chapters of EVER AFTER. (You can read the first right now at the Harper blog. The second chapter will be out 12/25, and so on until we get to release day.)fistful

If you are signed up for my Author Tracker, you should have gotten this right in you inbox, but if not, I’ve got links for you here since the special-priced e-book doesn’t always pop up.

Barnes and Noble (NOOK)
Amazon (Kindle)
Books-A-Million (Nook?)
Kobo (Download options: Adobe DRM EPUB)
iBookstore (iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch)

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16 responses to “Special holiday-e-book-price for FISTFUL OF CHARMS

  1. Howdy ma’am,

    Today was an extra special day here. We had our Christmas dinner today. It was great. While there my sister told us she found out Casper, her Peach Crested Cockatoo is female. She found an egg in Casper’s cage.

    Santa puppy was also in attendance.



  2. Josie

    Is there anyway to get this deal in the UK?

  3. Hi Ms Kim- since I bought Fistfull of charms a while ago,I will address another important topic for winter,Scurvy, Buy 2 lb saurekraut,,drain and rinse. Get 1 qt regular apple juice. Get varied pig parts,chops neck bones hocks etc. Drain the saurekraut and rinse. Parboil the pig parts untill done(the meat falls of the bone.)Into large pot put the rinsed saurekraut,and pig parts season to taste with celery seed or carroway seed, and add the applejuice Then simmer untillwell done, about half an hour. Eating this every day is a sure fire anti-scurbotic and gets your potassium level up to boot. Sorry about the spelling, my dislexia is going to town

    • jkh

      LOL, Jim, I always described my mother’s spelling as “personal flair.” Sounds like an interesting recipe, if one eats pork. I have done something similar with lean pork chops, sauerkraut, and potatoes — but not for a long time, and it never seems to last very long when I fix it.

    • I’ll just eat a few bananas. I’m the only person in my family that wont eat sauerkraut.


  4. I got the Author Tracker notice last night and downloaded this! I’m trying to resist reading the Ever After chapters, but I don’t have much confidence in my ability to wait until January!

  5. Wohoo! Got my stocking stuffer for this year. I wish I had the money to purchase all the books when they first come out, but since I can’t I do love still being able to get a book a year. I hope they keep this up. I hope to someday have the entire series.

  6. Bllly

    Unfortunately it’s full price in the UK we don’t get the deal. 😦

  7. AKR (Trinidad)

    …Wow …. always something special … 🙂
    I can’t wait … for Jan 22nd

    • Martin

      Read the first chapter again, followed by the second chapter. When the third chapter is released, I’ll read all three.
      Question on continuity; Unless ol’ what’s his name likes specific kinds of vehicles enough to keep buying them, (or he’s cheap enough to go for poor quality), I thought that particular vehicle wasn’t available any more.

    • Sondra Massey

      Oh can you say I about jumped out of the bed screaming “YES! YES! YES!!!” Now please Kim & editors let Al & Trent & Jenks & IVY take care of that situation! If Ku’Sox lives, I know the person he needs as a familiar!!! Oh and just think of hus reaction when he sees Trent and Rachel interact!!! Squeals!!
      On another note, my daughter and I are making plans to drive 3+ hours to Cincy for the book signing!

    • Wow, it always surprises me when people drive that long for an event. I’ll try to keep you entertained!

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