EVER AFTER tour Mystery City: We’ve got a grudge match!

I know you’ve been waiting, and after much tabulating, our finalist cities are ATLANTA and MINNEAPOLIS!

Now it’s your turn:  we are working with Togather in an epic bookstore face-off:  Eagle Eye Books in Decatur and Uncle Hugo’s in Minneapolis have each committed to hosting an event – who ever reaches 150 pre-orders first wins me!  Or at least an EVER AFTER event in their home market. 🙂

To get me to your hometown, the Togather people have arranged for a special preorder deal with Eagle Eye and Uncle Hugo’s:  to register interest for the event, you can place a pre-order for my book through the site. Each book purchase serves as your ticket for the event, and you’ll automatically get added to the guestlist. The first city to buy 150 books WINS, and will be added on as the final stop on my EVER AFTER tour.

The cover cost of the book also includes tax and shipping costs so you will have it right on release day.  (Note:  If your store/city wins, you’ll get a signed copy of my book that can be personalized at the event! See the event page for your city for further details on pick-up and shipping options).

*If a store does not ‘win’ an event (less than 150 pre-orders), your credit card will not be charged.  Orders  are only placed if the bookstore in your hometown wins the Mystery City contest. If not, then no money is exchanged.

The city that reaches 150 votes first in the final round of voting WINS, and will be added on as the final stop of my EVER AFTER tour.

To show your support for the event at your local bookstore, RSVP here with your pre-order:

May the first store to reach 150 votes win!


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12 responses to “EVER AFTER tour Mystery City: We’ve got a grudge match!

  1. Nancy H

    So what happens if neither city makes it to 150?

  2. Jennifer Marchlewski

    Tom and I have missed your MN visits after you were GoH at ARCANA. We would love to see you again.

  3. Uncle Hugo’s is on my to do list…adding Kim Harrison in, seems like a plus!

  4. LOST: Burning Bunnies looking for their mama in Phoenix, AZ. Please come and get them.

  5. Dominique Z

    I signed up for MN!!! The closest you have come in recent years is Iowa 🙂 While I love my southern neighbors, the 2.5 hr drive was a little much. Book Ordered and all friends encouraged to purchase so someone can come with me. Only one ticket per book? Is that solid if the city wins? Also, I noticed they were different dates. Do you know why that might be? Thank you Kim for the chance to have you here. You must know how awesome MN is in the winter months 🙂

    • vampyre

      My drive to Atlanta will take about. 4.5 hrs. Charlotte was a 6 hour drive. A 2 hour drive would be welcomed. Atlanta is the nearest large city to me. If you’ve never been to a signing, go. It’s so much fun meeting other Kimaholics, Guy, and Kim.


  6. Lynn

    Just pre-ordered 2 books and reserved 2 spots at Eagle Eye! Had so much fun with you there last year. Very excited that we may all hang out together in Atlanta again! :_)

  7. I can hardly express how excited I am that Eagle Eye has a chance to host again. My book is ordered. 🙂


  8. christine kithcart

    Next time could you see about hitting Tacoma instead of Seattle on your Washington trip? Those of us in the South Puget Sound have hard times driving that far to Seattle,especially that time of day.
    Tacoma Loves Ya Kim!

    • jkh

      Honey, take the train, then from the station in downtown Seattle take a University District bus. No parking hassle and expense, no driving hassle and cost of a tankful of gas, and you can read on the train…The earlier you preorder your train ticket, the less it costs, too.

  9. Anonymous

    First one in for Minneapolis!

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