One more week . . .

Screen shot 2012-12-14 at 8.15.15 AMI know I said there’s be an excerpt this week, but I got ahead of myself with tentative plans. The short and the long of it is that chapter one excerpt will be out next week. If you want to be sure not to miss it, sign up for Harper’s Author Tracker and notice will come right to your inbox. I can’t get the sign-up widget to show up here, but this is what it looks like, and  you can find it on the front page of the website by clicking the link.  AUTHOR TRACKER  We’ve already had one notice come out on the Author Tracker system last week, so if you think you signed up and you didn’t get one, then sign up again! -laugh-

Also, I will have news Monday on the mystery tour cities! It took forever to tabulate, but we’re almost ready to go.

I saw a few falling stars last night from the Geminid meteor shower just while walking the dogs, though I think the cops driving by were wondering why I was staring straight up. The light isn’t bad where I live considering I’m in the city limits. One of these days I’m going out on the lake.


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15 responses to “One more week . . .

  1. ~Lynn from Haverhill

    Me and Justin sat by our bedroom window in the dark and oohed and awed at the show in the sky above. We have to take time out and focus on the beautiful things this world can offer. Some amazing stuff. I got my coat tag the other day. :o)

  2. vampyre

    Howdy ma’am,

    If a home owner in the Hollows wanted to attract pixies to live on their land, how do they do it?


    • jkh

      Oh, Vampy, you inspired a whole little guidebook for me! I think, to start with, it would involve an insulated enclosed space in one’s crawlspace, basement, or attic. Electrical connection for customized strands of tiny lights (mustn’t say fairy lights!) and perhaps mini-heaters and fans, and a water connection with an irrigation depressurization fitting. Little doors with jewelry-box hinges…where would we get the latches? And where would we put up the signs (pictographs?) saying Space Available?

    • vampyre

      I was thinking of something like setting up a little bird house with a hearth and a feeder close by to use until they became self sufficient. No self respecting pixies want to be thought of as lunker’s pet.


    • jkh

      Ah, well, you see I’m a girl, and I love doll’s houses, and pixies do have those very large families. By tucking a pixy home into the structure of a lunker house, there’d be the advantages of fortification and climate protection.

    • Hi Vampy. You’d landscape your yard for wildlife, with lots of blooming and fruiting plants, places for shelter, clean water source, and most importantly, no pesticides or chemicals.

  3. silvermitt

    When I was a child (5yr), I lived in Washington State. We were in a small town called Cashmere and I distinctly remember a summer evening when all the kids got to sleep out in the front yard to watch the night sky. I fell asleep with star falling all around me. I lived there long enough to see the auroras a few times as well. Being in dead central USA doesn’t lend itself to much in the way of exciting celestial events.Though, to be fair, my husband saw a couple of falling stars of the recent meteor shower that early morning as well.

    Thanks for the update on the contest and all. Been keeping tab for it.

  4. Melissa

    I thought Chapter 1 came out already.. I read it somewhere.. is this chapter 2 coming out next week?

  5. Vampyre

    Howdy ma’am,

    If you ever get the chance to go out on the lake to see the stars, go for it. My favorite thing to do while I was in the Navy at sea, was to go out on deck at night and look up. It was awe inspiring.


  6. Starr

    Sweet! Can’t wait.

    We live out in a more secluded area and despite the cloud patches, my uncle and I saw about 50. There were some bright bright fireballs too :3

  7. Oh That’s nice! I have totally forgotten about the meteor shower, even though a friend told me last week… oh well.
    Anyway It’s not long till next week so It’s not too bad. 🙂
    Have a nice weekend!

  8. Alexis

    Very lucky of you to see a falling star! I think I have only seen just under a handful in my twenty-four years!
    Cannot wait for the excerpt to come out. I’ve been checking back here a few times a day (you could call me obsessed, yes) just in case. I know it will be amazing, Kim. Maybe I’m hoping just a little bit it will have some Rachel/Trent kick-assery going on.
    Hope you have a wonderful weekend. Mine will be full of Christmas shopping since I have yet to buy anything. I’m so bad at that stuff.
    Take care.

  9. Mendi in STL

    I stood outside in my pj’s covered up in a faux fur blanket looking up and never saw one! Of course it was only midnight but man was it a clear night! The dog ran inside though, do to the appearance of our neighborhood opossum. Enjoyed it regardless

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