12/12/12 day!

Happy 12/12/12 day! I think I need to go do something worth remembering at twelve past noon. :-)


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11 responses to “12/12/12 day!

  1. Christine

    Just finished “the Hollows” Loved it! Especially the story ‘Grace’. I hope that you don’t keep that fantastic story wrapped up as a novella. I think it would make a wonderful series. When you’re not working on 5o other million projects ;)

  2. I went out and brought Blood Crime on 12/12/2012.Oh, and some Christmas gifts. LOL

  3. the world didn’t explode so i am happy.

  4. Paula

    happy Aaron Rogers day, (if your a packer fan you know) LOL

  5. alexis

    I’m with Maryjean, can we have Affliction exerp?

  6. Vampyre

    I’m hanging in there for 13/13/13. That will be impressive.

    V^^^^Vps happy 36!

  7. Maryjean

    Does that mean we might get a new chapter at 12:12 on 12/12/12?!?!? I HOPE SO!!!