EVER AFTER wallpaper

As promised, the team at Harper Voyager has created a wallpaper to celebrate the upcoming release of EVER AFTER, (1/22/13) I have three sizes to make it easier to fit your various screens.  The middle one is here, but the smaller for your phone and larger for your work screen are at the website.  (EVER AFTER page.) And do take the time to get the larger one. It’s breathtaking!


For those of you waiting for the chapter excerpts, you will be glad to hear that this is the kick-off for the promotion run for the tour, and the first excerpts will be coming yet this week. I’ll also have the short list for the cities that made the cut off for the mystery city.

If you want to be sure to get notices of the early chapter releases–right to your inbox–you can always sign up for either Harper’s Author Tracker program or my newsletter. The info often overlaps, but if one of us doesn’t tell you, the other one will.

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9 responses to “EVER AFTER wallpaper

  1. Gerry Sheldon

    Oh for an HD version — or at least the relevant aspect ratio! I’ll just have to scale it like I did with the Pale Demon one, and leave strips on either side.

  2. HatMan

    I’ll admit, I’m probably one of the (probably very) few men who will admit to enjoying your books, but the release date of Ever After is making me sad… I’m in the Army and will be on a month-long field exercise during the release and will have to delay my regular dose of Rachel until sometime in February. I’m curious as to how one goes about obtaining an advance reader’s copy, as often times my work delays me (for up to a year… yeah, deployments suck that way) from enjoying your books in a timely manner. Would you mind explaining a bit about how you choose your advance readers? (Aside from critics and the media, if anyone else, of course)

    • Just curious – can you have things (like books) delivered to you while in the field or on deployment? If you can, you should have a friend or family member make the purchase, then ship it to you.

  3. Thank you Kim for sharing. It’s beautiful!

  4. I generally don’t mess around with screensavers and whatnot cause I’m scared I’ll break something. But I did manage ti set this as my new background photo and wow! This is very cool!

  5. jkh

    I’m pretty inept with the computer, so I’ll pass on the wallpaper. But I am getting stoked about seeing you Jan 23 in Seattle at U Bookstore.

  6. vampyre

    I’m also the proud owner of some fresh wall paper for my phone. 😉


  7. Thank you Kim and Guy for the Wallpapers!! It is greatly appreciated. I can’t wait to meet y’all in January in Houston. Perhaps I h can take you guys out for coffee. Depending on where you are doing your book signing I know a couple of great place for coffee or drinks. Whichever is your preference. Janey Thornton

  8. Ana

    I love it, it’s beautiful!!!
    I get the larger one, it’s my new wallpaper 🙂

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