Last chance to order EVER AFTER tour ts for Christmas delivery

EAtourShirtFrontThe official cut off is Monday noon, (EST) so I’m telling you now! 🙂 Guy is placing one last order for EVER AFTER tour ts, so if you want them for Christmas, now’s the time. Just follow the instructions at the website. (How to order a tour T)

Also, a reminder that Tantor is still having their 50% off audio books, and they have the first five Hollows titles. (Tantor’s Holiday Sale)


Nicola’s is the place if you want a signed Hollows book. (Signed Hollows book) I’m headed over there today, and might not get back again in time for a Christmas delivery. They will ship international, but ask that you email them for a quote before ordering.

If you’re wondering about the mystery city, hang on. We’re still tabulating.

And some great news! Early chapter releases start next week! Keep an eye out here for them or sign up for the Hollows Newsletter. (sign up for the Hollows Newsletter)


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7 responses to “Last chance to order EVER AFTER tour ts for Christmas delivery

  1. Yay! early chapters!!! It’s like an early Christmas! 🙂
    I’m getting more and more anxious about Ever After but at the same time as we draw to a close I’m finding I take longer to read the books because probably unconsciously I refuse to part with Rachel and the gang *sniff sniff*
    However I finally started with Into the Woods and I’m loving it!

  2. Mandi

    Any chance you will come any closer to NY than VA? Pretty please.

  3. Awesome Christmas gift! *OMG can’t wait can’t wait*… Even if it’ll be another week at least before I get my hands on anything new (since I already devoured Chapter One in the Pet Boys Shop preview 😀 )

  4. alexis

    Oh, goody!!! early christmas for (me!!!) us!!!!!!! and my very favorite gift, too: reading material!!!!!!! u give better gifts than my family!!!!! thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!!!!!! 😉

  5. Michelle Galarno

    Ohhh Yeeeahhh, Early Chapter Releases!

  6. Vampyre

    Vampy crosses fangs for Atlanta!

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