Holidays are Hell on sale!

HAHmmCoverISGot a dollar? Looking for a nice treat for yourself or a stocking stuffer for your electronic savvy reader? For a short time, Avon Books is having a sale, and Holidays are Hell is included! Two Ghosts for Sister Rachel revolves around Pierce and Rachel when Rachel was 18 and brought back more than she bargained for when her brother dared her. It’s a nice glimpse into Rachel’s world when she was still a little weak and struggling to fit in. Two Ghosts for Sister Rachel is also available in Into the Woods, but the reason I’m telling you is because of who I’m paired with in the original anthology. For .99 cents, you also get one of  Vicki Pettersson’s, Lynsay Sands’s, and Marjorie Liu’s gems. I’ve got links to most of the major e-retailers.


Barnes and Noble

Books A Million


Google e-books


If you’re not sure if you have this one or not, here’s an excerpt: Holidays are Hell


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6 responses to “Holidays are Hell on sale!

  1. Boo – why can’t I buy it in the UK 😦

  2. Janey Thornton

    This looks fabulous!!!! I want one Mommy!!!! Please please please please. Please Mommy I reeeaaaally want it!!!

  3. Beckie

    Two Ghosts for Sister Rachel is probably one of my favorite glimpses into Rachel’s life you’re ever put on the page. I feel like I may need to take my copy of the book and find a nice place on the edge of Fountain Square to reread the story (once my finals are done). I haven’t had the opportunity since moving down here for law school to go to a “Rachel’s Cincinnati spot” and actually read about what she’s doing, and the holiday season seems like a perfect time to try it.

  4. Ruth C.

    Yep, that just happened Thanks for posting the sale on Facebook!
    *Sigh* I love adding awesomeness to my collection.

  5. Thanks Kim! BN here I come! YAY!!!

  6. Martin

    All of the stories in Holidays Are Hell are good stories. Well worth having, owning, re-reading.

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