Cyber Monday deals-Hotter than a burning bunny

I’m still trying to find my keyboard under my fingers after four days off (mostly), but Guy’s salesman’s blood is boiling, and he tells me that in deference to it being cyber Monday, anyone who orders a tour T shirt between now and tomorrow morning, 9:00 am EST will get a burning bunny pin for free. Yes, you heard it here first. -laugh- Free Burning Bunny pins if you place your order today. If you are going to snail mail your payment in, email Guy today to tell him it’s coming and to set aside a pin for you to take advantage of the deal.

The link on how to order yours is here, and if you have no idea what a burning bunny is, just follow the link and scroll down a bit. Guy’s cyber Monday free burning bunny pin deal.

You can also just buy the pin if you’re looking for a stocking stuffer, (Purchase a Burning Bunny Pin)  or if you want something really inexpensive, the freebie this year is the coat check tag from Carew Tower.  (How to send Kim a SASE to get the 2013 tour freebie)

And since we’re talking deals, I found out that TantorAudio is having a 50% off sale, of which the first five titles in the Hollows Series is a part of. TantorAudio sale If you like listening to the Hollows, this is a great way to get the back titles you might have missed, or if you know someone you’re trying to get hooked on the Hollows, this might do it.

If you’re still looking for something special for your Hollows person on your list, Nicola’s is a good source for signed books. They’ve been keeping better stock of the signed stuff lately, but if you want it for Christmas, you should order fairly soon. It takes time to get them, get me in there, and then ship out. It’s not a simple process, but then again, if it was easy, everyone would have a signed book. How to order a signed book from Nicola’s I’ve just got these six for example. They can get anything, even the Madison and Dawn Cook books.

If you know of any more deals out there, post and tell me! And feel free to share this!


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4 responses to “Cyber Monday deals-Hotter than a burning bunny

  1. I love your books and already have Ever After pre-ordered through Amazon, but for a signed book to add to my collection I shall go ahead and re-order through Nicolas. Hope you have gotten through Cyber Monday without too much negative karma for swearing at the computer!

  2. ~Lynn from Haverhill

    Hope u had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I was pleasantly surprised at how nice the holiday went.. as well as how long the weekend seemed. Although, I would’ve preferred it even longer. I’m hoping the week flies by. I’m gonna see the smashing pumpkins this weekend. Keep up the great story telling!

  3. jkh

    Happy Monday, y’all! I managed to stay away from the malls (not a strain for me, I pretty much dislike them), and didn’t do “Cyber Monday” either. I’m not a Scrooge, I just hate shopping, especially when hysterical consumerism is so thick in the air you can smell it. But the sun is shining and it’s not freezing, so I’m going to do something ambulatory. My turn at “Into the Woods” is up at the library, so that makes it a Great Day!

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