I’m thankful for the quiet heros

Happy Thanksgiving, where we here in the U.S.  begin a glut of holiday shopping with a glut at the table. Holy cow, I love this place and the exuberance we meet everything with.  There’s truly a lot to be thankful for this year as I’ve been reminded of what’s important and the fragility of it all if you sit and do nothing.  I’ve seen a lot of quiet heros lately, and my hat is off to you.  Now pass me some of that green bean casserole, please!

I will not be going out early Friday, but I might venture downtown to shop locally because we’ve got a lot of cool stores–maybe stop in for a sweet coffee before walking home. I truly enjoy living this close to the shops, and I am always amazed at what I find at my local hardware store. (Seriously!) If the mall overwhelms, give your local merchants a try and count the smiles. Like me, they do what they do because they are pursuing a dream, and it shows.


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10 responses to “I’m thankful for the quiet heros

  1. Lucy Bickers

    It seems like I’ve been posting this in so many different places lately. It seems appropriate: “There are many kinds of heroism, Mrs. Thistle. Living with mental illness is one of them. Allowing life to fill the emptiness death leaves behind is another.”
    Nancy Atherton

  2. Stacey

    Hope your Thanksgiving was all you hoped. I know I can count your books as one of the many things I am grateful for. Not having been over here in a very long time I just read the post regarding the TV opportunity. I would have to agree with many who thought the CW was not the best fit. I’d say shoot for AMC (Walking Dead, Breaking Bad, Mad Men) or HBO. The Hollows will have justice on those channels. I still hold out hope to see your world on screen. Can’t wait for January.

  3. Hi Ms. Kim-I’m B_A_A_ACK! I got to see both my sisters and my brother as well as my mom. She’s doing really well despite being 98,so thats a blessing

    • Hi-I almost forgot. My neice,Lauren Morrill( her maiden name) has a book out if you like Romance. It’s called Meant To Be and is available from Amazon. Lauren is also co-owner of a roller derby team and plays forward.She says beating the snot out of some chick really helps with writers block and editorial issues.(Lauren is so slender you wonder where she finds the muscle,but my nephew Adam says she’s deadly out there)

  4. jkh

    Hoping everyone is having a good post-Turkey Day Friday. I’m not staying away from the stores entirely, but only because I have to pick up a Rx and milk. Now it’s time to think about Christmas, and then January 22!

  5. James Proudfit

    that small business Saturday is for.

  6. jkh

    “Think global, act local.” I live in a fairly large city, and we don’t have a central shopping area as a smaller city does. Most of our independent stores are scattered over a wide area, and “shopping centers” dominate. But we have community Farmers’ Markets and some indie businesses that I can get to, and I do patronize them.

  7. amy from germany

    Hey Kim, Happy Thanksgiving, I have a present for you: the German cover for Ever After!
    Here’s the link from your German publisher
    Cheers, amy from Germany

  8. Happy Thanksgiving! I’m on my way to the airport–first time in years I’ve traveled the day before Thanksgiving. I’ve been practiciing patience 🙂

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