RT Career Achievement Award nominee

I found out late Friday that I’m again up for the RT’s career achievement award in the urban fantasy category.  Yay! And as before, I’m standing with some heavy hitters. You could close your eyes and point and not be disappointed since Kelley Armstrong, Patricia Briggs, and Elleen Wilks have been nominated as well. I’m honored to have been nominated, and it does my little writer soul to see my name with such talented writers.

From what I’ve heard, if you’re up for the career achievement award, your books are excluded from participating in the other categories, but I could be wrong there.  (Just did a little checking, and yes, you can apparently have books in other categories when up for a career achievement award.) I also believe that it is RT’s 50+ reviewers who do both the nominating and the voting for the winners, and so I am not hopeful and wish all the other ladies good luck. My reviews at RT have not been inspiring since killing Kisten. Rule number one if you are writing for the romance reader, eh? Don’t kill your main love interest even if you have a new one in mind. But I’ve never claimed to write romance, so . . . there it is.

I’ve always maintained that romance readers are the most adventuresome readers out there, dipping outside their usual reading preferences if you can give them a protagonist who strong, (not bitchy) someone they can identify with and cheer for who is searching for love. I know those early romance readers are part of the reason I moved forward so fast in book sales in those early years, and I will always appreciate that.

Good luck, ladies!

As for me, I’m trying to settle down and write after a fab weekend of putting the last of Halloween away and tidying the yard for winter. The weather was outstanding, but I think we’re going to pay for it as the forecast looks nasty. That might suit me well, though, since NaNoWriMo is just about half over. (find me here) I’m working hard to get my pages in and nice weather outside my window is a great distraction. 🙂 So far, so good. I’m doing better than last year. -laugh- I’m actually working on book 13, and from there, I’m on to Peri, I think, but I might do something with Spider Silk as a stand alone, or Grace just for the hell of it.

But first, I have to give Rachel her happy ever after, and that should take me right up to the EVER AFTER tour. 🙂


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26 responses to “RT Career Achievement Award nominee

  1. Thank you, everyone for the congrats. 🙂 I am so not looking for a win here, but yes, it is an honor to be nominated.

  2. jkh

    Sometimes I think the nomination is as great an honor as “winning.” Congrats on your nomination.

  3. Denise Keef

    Congratulations!!! You definitely deserve to win. If your fans could vote you would definitely be the winner! Also…congratulations on going to the semi-final round on Goodreads!!!

  4. Congratulations! I honestly can say you deserve it. I love Patricia Briggs and I also Kelley Armstrong (though I have to confess I’ve never read anything by Elleen Wilks). Still the Hollows was one of the first series that got me back to reading fantasy and I’ve been hocked up since.
    I agree with what everyone else says about Kisten’s character and missing him but the need for him to die in order to move forward with the story. (Thank you for Blood work and Blood crime!)
    It feels weird having pass Halloween already with no contest this year… but we’re already half way thru November! anyway… I’m rambling now…
    Again, Congratulations!!! 😀

  5. A hearty congratulations on your nomination, Kim. Kisten’s death may have broken hearts in the Romance world (as did mine) but characters must fulfill their purpose no matter what the outcome.
    Halloween is behind us and we move towards Thanksgiving. Too bad TV jumped right over that holiday and is in full swing to Christmas already.
    I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you to be selected by the folks over at RT.

  6. Hi Ms. Kim-I am so glad to hear about the awards,you definitely deserve it.In celebration, I am blessing you with my recepte for chicken slop as my daughter used to call it (never stopped her from eating 2-3 bowls) In your slow cooker put 1 qt water, chicken soup base to taste,2 pounds chicken breasts,dried vegetables(I get the packets with peas barley,beans etc mixed) and noodles. I season with sea salt,black white,green and pink peppercorns ground, and allspice.Cook untill the house smells so good you want to eat the walls.It will cure crossed eyes from hearing mathy stuff, and give strength and energy to pound the keyboard.

    • jkh

      Mmm, yummy. Do you think I could do this in my soup pot on the top of the stove, at very low heat once I bring everything to the first good bubble? I don’t have a crockpot, and no space to store one.

    • Hi JKH- Sure you can. I still have a steel soup kettle, but my crokpot is so much handier.

  7. Krystle Streight

    i absolutely LOVE your Hollows book series! You are on the top of my favorite writers list 🙂

  8. Congrats Kim. You deserve this award and more. With so many fans sitting on the edge of their seats waiting for your next book every year, I can’t imagine you not winning.

  9. Tanya Who?

    Does this mean you’ll be attending RT/13? *waggles eyebrows*

    • After four years of three-star reviews, I doubt it. I got the message loud and clear.

    • Tanya Who?

      Thanks! I’m lucky your tour stops in my city this year. I was trying to be greedy more. I also can’t say I blame you at all with those ratings.

    • Vampyre

      If it’s any consolation, you’re always three and half stars in my book! 😀 (just kidding, more like 4&5)


      HEA for Rachel? No spoiler alert? You’ve ruined it for me kidding again.

    • Martin

      “Lifetime Achievement Award”?? Those come at the END of a long and successful career, not in the middle.

  10. Rich

    Congratulations on your nomination and best of luck. Also, for what it’s worth, I’d probably end up buying a follow up book to Spider Silk but any book in the Grace universe will be a pre-order. 😉

  11. Nici

    Congrats! I was as well really sad when Kisten died and I still miss him, but I have to agree, the story would have not developed itself to the point it is now – and as I have mentioned before, I thought straight from book 1 Trent was the one she would fall for. At the moment I am listening to the audio books as my 1st re-run of the series (in prep for the Ever After in January 🙂 ). I am on book 2 now and actually I still can’t believe Nick is such a twit and so devious later on in the series. I actually really thought he loved Rachel for no selfish reasons. And I mean we get this sort of stuff as well in the real world – it is not all lovey-dovey… So keep your track and don’t get influenced by others!

  12. Randy

    Congrats on your nomination as well as your rapidly progressing November word count. Nice work, WriMo!

  13. Susan Wheat

    Congratulations! What a well deserved honor! I have my sister to thank for The Hollows as she left them with me before moving overseas. Your books have awakened my twitchy witchy soul…;-) thank you for that. I feel the same bittersweet-ness about loosing dear beautiful Kisten…. im currently treasuring ‘A Perfect Blood’ but I’m hoping Rachel is ready for another true love! She deserves it.

  14. Karl

    Kisten? Who’s Kisten? Just kidding. Trent? Nah, Rachel should get with AL!! LOL

  15. Melanie

    Congrats. The nomination is very well deserved. I agree, that while I miss Kisten, I do think that the series is stronger (and Rachel is stronger) without him. I felt the same for Matalina. I cried when she died, but we get to see more from Jenks and how he has moved on. Don’t let people convince you that killing off a character is bad. I’m not a fan of killing someone for the sake of it, but your character deaths help the story. What is a story, if everyone in it is completely invincible and no one but bad guys die.

  16. Kelley Donaghy

    I miss Kisten, but I think it kept the series from getting stale as so many other series in the same genre have. How many times can a protagonist break up and get back together before one gets bored? It is the tension that keeps us interested. Thanks for doing what you do and for being brave and killing off the love interest and providing so many other tension filled moments!

  17. Kelly

    That is wonderful news…. CONGRATS!!

  18. Congrats on your nomination and good luck with it!

    I’m more of an urban fantasy girlie myself, but I do love a good romance too. I feel you sacrificed (my beloved) Kisten for the good of the series and I wasn’t ready to say good-bye to The Hollows at the time, so I never thought badly of you over it, well not much anyway 😉

    I found you on nano – you’re doing well! I have some catching up to do 🙂

  19. Linda

    Congratulations Kim. You do deserve it. And don’t worry about killing Listen, the interest of Trent has been one of the best.

  20. Shelli Nartker

    Congrats to you & your very well deserved nom! Keeping my fingers crossed that you win this one!

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