Slow Thursday?

At least I hope it’s a slow Thursday. I had the hardest time concentrating yesterday, managing to squeak out a few pages before calling it good, and I need to hammer today to make up the pages I dawdled over. It’s a nice spot in the writing, with a beach and sun and even a little Trent, so maybe it’s a little wishful of me.

Guy and I got out to Nicola’s yesterday to sign a few books, but the BLOOD CRIME they had been waiting for hadn’t come in yet so there is still time to order one from them if you want one signed. Nicola’s

My big news is that the tour stores are starting to come in! I’ve got one more in Houston that went up yesterday on the big EVENTS page. I’ll be at Murder by the Book on the 29th. The time has yet to be set, but it will be 7ish.



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6 responses to “Slow Thursday?

  1. Deanne Linn

    I just read the book White Witch Black Curse, I wasn’t sure about reading a vampire book but it kept me riveted and laughing through the entire book. I will definitely be buying more of them.
    If there is ever a book signing tour near me I will going. Thank you for an entertaining book.

  2. spychick2008

    ok i goofed. i have a signed copy of perfect blood i forgot i got earlier in the year and i got another one in the manic monday lightning round. I am willing to swap this signed hardcover for a signed one i am missing. each pay our own priority postage bubble mailer ( only US mailing $5.25 cost) anyone have a fistful of charms? or white witch black curse email me at thanks and i was going to ask Guy to keep it and send me a different oner and i never sent the email when Kim extended out the other books. too much on my mind surgery looming nov 20 sheesh… would like to have the books swapped to read by then thanks.KAT in NJ

  3. Ohh Trent and a beach sounds good! just out of curiosity… when you say a few pages… how many is exactly a few?…

  4. augsta ga way way nice if u come here

    • vampyre

      I second GA. Just about anywhere in middle to south GA. Would be great. S.C. is too far for me this year. 😦


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