Kim Harrison “live” on Suspense Radio

I did an interview this weekend with John Raab for Suspense Magazine, and it’s already been archived! You can listen in to our chat about the urban fantasy genre, what has changed over the last decade and what hasn’t.  Suspense Radio Inside Edition Nov 3, 2012  John talks for about 30 minutes about the perils of largely unedited books being published electronically, but if you want to jump right to my segment, it starts at 29 minutes.

My weekend was busy with the last of the leaves finding their way to the curb and hitting the stores for the Halloween and fall decorations that had been reduced to the point where they were cheap, cheap, cheap. Got a new wreath for ten bucks instead of 60, and my inner spendthrift is very happy. I also had a chance to spend some time with Guy, which has been in short supply the last month or so.

Tomorrow there will be no post as I will be allocating my usual morning internet outreach time to vote.  In my effort to keep all comments at the drama box as non partisan as I can realistically make it, I will only say that Tuesday night is going to be fun as Guy and I continue our tradition of a TV picnic as the results come in, with a little bubbly, a little cheese and crackers, and since my parents are coming over, a little pickled herring. (I never get it unless my dad is around.) I am going to pig out, and Guy is going to color his map blue and red. I only hope his pick wins as he’ll be the devil to live with if he doesn’t. I’m trying not to get worked up about it, but I have an unhealthy trust in lofty ideas triumphing over small-minded and petty. (Got a little Rachel in me, I guess.)

Don’t let them stop your voice from being heard with long lines or short schedules. I bet more than one of  you out there has stood in a two-hour line to ride a sixty-second roller coaster. It’s the one time in this stupidly unfair life when money doesn’t matter.

It’s an amazing feeling–standing in that booth and knowing that what you just did has the same power as your boss, or your favorite movie star, or the artists in your favorite band. You just gotta get in there. And when it’s done, hesitate and breathe the feeling in before you walk away. It’s incredible.


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8 responses to “Kim Harrison “live” on Suspense Radio

  1. Xyzzy

    I’m spending 6am-10pm tomorrow running an election precinct and drinking large amounts of soda to stay awake, since I usually *sleep* from 5am-1pm. 🙂

    (I wonder whether a non-living Hollows-type vampire would need to submit a medical certificate of non-living vampirism to the registrar in order to regain the right to vote, or if they’d just lose the right permanently due to the sociopathic effects of lacking a soul…)

  2. Hi Ms. Kim-I just wanted to remind everyone that Novemder is novel writing month,so get it on with NaNoWriMo. I’ll even help with the opening sentence Ït was a dark and stormy night

  3. jkh

    I agree that voting is paramount. As my daughter said not long after she attained the right/privilege: “If you don’t vote you can’t complain.” In my area we all vote by mail now, all we have to do is be sure our ballot is postmarked on or before Voting Day, or dropped off at the designated Ballot Boxes. Mine goes in the mail today.

  4. Jade/Third Coast

    Hey Kim, I “discovered” early voting a few years ago and wondered why I didn’t use this convenience before. No lines, or if there are the lines are short, and you can pick the day and time, whatever suits you. I was marginally involved in a local election and found out that candidates prefer it if people vote early because it gives them an quick idea of the most likely results of their campaign since early voting results are reported first.

  5. I have had tomorrow poll visit planned for weeks and now it is just getting down to the time the poll opens. Nothing, I repeat, NOTHING will keep me away from voting this year! I normally push for anyone I met or know to get their butts out there because real numbers died for this right but I am glad that this time around with early voting we may actually get more people to use this wonderful right.

  6. Carla Lewis

    Hi Kim,
    Me and my husband have already voted and I’m glad more people are excercising that right. I wish the whole process would change and the mud slinging would stop, but I also know we can only hope for the best. I like what Martin said. I too have a paticular candidate that I would like to win, but we can’t let it stop there. We have to demand the best from whomever does win.
    I listened to the broadcast and I frowned a little. I was one of the ones who really hoped ‘Pet Shop Boys’ would follow ‘The Hollows’. But I also know what ever you write will be GREAT!!!. I’m looking forward to seeing what that will be.

  7. Martin

    Thank you for voting, and taking the responsibility of voting seriously. I care who wins, but I also feel our country and our people are too great and too resilient to be permanently damaged by one individual or one political party. Our right and power to vote is a great corrective.

    • Martin

      I heard a prognosticator the other day say that the largest voting bloc in the US was not Republicans or Democrats or Independents, but non-voters. Sad commentary.

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