Did you know you can get a signed Blood Crime?

Yes indeed, you can get a signed BLOOD CRIME before I go out for the EVER AFTER tour. Nicola’s has a stash, I was just there a few days ago and signed the orders that had come in, but I can go back. -grin- If you’re interested, I’ve got a link to my web page and the list of books they usually keep on hand. HOWEVER!! you can’t simply order a book and get one signed. You have to tell them you want me to sign it in the comment box on the “pay me” page of their system. Otherwise, you just get a book. Here’s the link to my page.

And if you’re poking around there, you’ll notice that we’ve got the freebies available early this year for EVER-AFTER. I know not everyone can get out to a signing, and it’s important to me that you aren’t excluded when all it takes is a stamp or two, so if you want a little bit of the Hollows for yourself, send me a SASE, and I’ll send you a coat tag from Carew Tower. šŸ™‚ I should have enough of these to last a good long while, but hey, they make cool stocking stuffers.

Besides, stuffing those envelopes keeps Guy off the streets.

P.S. If you have taken Guy up on his alternate Manic Monday book offer, (and you know who you are) they are shipping out today. Media mail takes a while, and if it’s going east, please allow for some extra time. Again, thank you for your understanding. I truly believed they were going to last longer.


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5 responses to “Did you know you can get a signed Blood Crime?

  1. Heather

    Is there a Guy fan club? He seems to be an all around great guy =) and an awesome addition to the Kim Harrison “club”.

  2. Elizabeth A. Messer

    Love your work.

  3. I already bought Blood Crime on Tuesday, but I’m hoping to get it signed during the Ever After tour–I’m assuming you’ll be at Nicola’s then! Also got my Ever After tour tee-shirt yesterday, so this has been an excellent week despite the windy gray cold.

  4. Happy Friday ma’am,

    It is payday. You know what that means?(besides bill paying day) It’ order my Hollows T-shirt day! Guy will be hearing from me very soon.

    I am really enjoying Blood Crime. You are right about Kisten, he doesn’t look right at all. I also think they made the girls a little to busty but it’s a GN so it’s to be expected I guess. They did a good job with Piscary. He is pretty close to what I imagined he would be.

    Scampering off to “see” Guy.


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