A Perfect Blood is a Goodreads nominee

I’m pleased to announce the Goodreads Choice Awards are going on right now, and A Perfect Blood is a nominee! Opening round is from now to November 11th, Semifinal is the 12th to the 18th, and the final round is the 19th to the 27th, so it give you three times to vote for your favorite, not just in paranormal fantasy, but in twenty categories. I do believe you must have a “bookshelf” in Goodreads to vote, but I really am not sure.

If you’re not familiar with Goodreads, it functions a lot like Amazon in that you can leave reviews, but what I like about it is that it is more like a community, where you can display  on your “bookshelf” the books you’ve read, the ones you’re reading, and even the ones you want to read. There is a logarithm running out of sight that does pretty well with suggesting books you might like by what you’ve read and how you’ve rated them!  You can hook it up to your FB, or not. Your choice. I’ve linked to mine, but the button to keep your reading private is in your face and easy to use if you want it that way.  I had a fun day or so poking around in it trying to become familiar with my author page, and I do believe I will be giving away one of my early advanced reader copies of EVER AFTER through a Goodreads give away just to get a feel for how they work.

But for now, there’s just the contest. -grin- If you are a member, you can find A Perfect Blood in the Paranormal Fantasy section. Happy Voting! (If you’re a member, link will take you to the main category page of voting. If you’re not, it might take you to a sign-up page. Someone let me know for sure, yes?)  Link to vote




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17 responses to “A Perfect Blood is a Goodreads nominee

  1. Lisa Faye

    Love the series but I do wish there was a strong lesbian relationship in the series. Your books and characters are the best!

  2. I know, Kim! Congrats! I randomly went to Goodreads to update my to-read list and noticed that the Choice Awards was open, and guess what I did? Rushed straight to Paranormal Fantasy section and voted for Rachel 😀

    Hope you win!

  3. James

    I VOTED!!! Getting into the sprit of next weeks Presidential Elections!

  4. Karen

    I voted for A Perfect Blood and if they would let me Id vote every day for it

  5. I’ve already voted, got an e-mail from goodreads about the nominations and went straight over there and voted for you 🙂

  6. When I went to Goodreads the first time I tried signing up and just typed it in. I had trouble adding things and setting up my bookshelf. I then realized I had to install the app Goodreads. After that I was able to add my bookshelves and so on. I tried to vote but you need to join and sign up. You wont even be able to get to the vote page until you sign in. In addition to get to the vote page there’s a place you can click goodreads.com and that will take you away from your books and shelves. It will take you to the vote page. Yes, you must sign up before doing all that. I like the site a great deal. I didn’t have time to add my reviews to all my books but I did rate them with stars. With rating my books for Amazon and then audible its hard. I have quite a few to review. Also just to let you know I put my vote in yesterday and of course I voted for my favorite author Kim Harrison.grin. Goodluck and I hope you win.

  7. I was able to sign in through FB. I of course voted for you!! Good Luck! 🙂

  8. Rose Hathaway

    Well deserved. When everyone else is churning out teen porn Harrison is creating real books that will be read for generations.

  9. Rita Lockwood

    Link also took me directly to voting since I’m already member, seeing it from a previous post by you. Oh and I voted for APB, of course!

  10. I voted for A PERFECT BLOOD. (I didn’t think about checking the graphic novel categoy. Will do a write-in!)

    Lots of good authors/books in the category.

    Best wishes!

  11. I also voted for you before I saw yesterday’s post. Good luck! I don’t have a bookshelf although I’m linked through FB. I’ve actually never used Good Reads, just accepted a friend’s request to join 🙂

  12. Sarah

    I just voted for you before I checked your daily blog 🙂 Hope you win! You deserve it!

  13. Anna

    I just vote for it. Good luck!! APB is really the best 🙂

  14. Kimberly

    I voted for A Perfect Blood and wrote in Blood Crime for the graphic novel category! 🙂

  15. Denise Keef

    Hi Kim…the link took me right to the voting page and I have it linnked with my FB so it logged me in right away too. Good luck!

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