Happy Halloween!

I do believe that Halloween ranks up there with my favorite holidays. Six tubs of stuff come up out of the basement to decorate my home, and when they go back down empty, it feels like I have room for at least another tub or two. This year I didn’t decorate much outside, and now I’m kind of glad because it is shaping up to be one of Michigan’s cold, windy Halloweens where you have your snowsuit on over your Power Ranger costume. One year we went through 16 bags of candy, though admittedly it was a weekend evening, not this miserable mid-week, coldness. This year, I expect fewer kids, though quite honestly, I don’t think the kids care how cold it is. I never did. 🙂

But traditions must be followed despite adversity, new ones created sometimes because of them, and I’m wearing my brand-new pumpkin socks today. The spooky pumpkin cookies are baked, and there is a dish of candy corn out. Tonight we’re having stew, and my mom is bringing over doughnut dough to fry up after Tricks-or-Treats is done. I do believe she has just started a new tradition. I hope so.

A-a-a-a-and some good news for those of you who enjoy a little visual presentation with your literature, Blood Crime finally hit the shelves yesterday! Ta-da! I’m so pleased with it. If you’re not familiar with the first graphic novel Blood Work, these two stories showcase Rachel interning under Ivy at the I.S. before Dead Witch Walking takes place. They are from Ivy’s point of view, and we get to see a little more into the vampire mythology/trap, not to mention her fall in love. If you’re still mourning Kisten, he is in there, though I’ll be honest in that he never looked the way I saw him in my mind’s eye. Blood Crime should be available just about anywhere they consistently shelve my books, but here’s a link to my website for more info and a few places that will have it if you are having trouble. BLOOD CRIME

I’m also pleased to tell you that Blood Work, the older sibling, just now made it to the e-world, meaning you can read it on your Nook. I believe the rest of the platforms will follow soon. (link to e-Blood Work)

Tomorrow, I’ve got news about Perfect Blood making the list for Goodreads choice awards for best paranormal fantasy for 2012. Contest is running now, and I’ll give you all the particulars tomorrow, but if you know what I’m talking about already, you can find Perfect Blood in the paranormal fantasy category.


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15 responses to “Happy Halloween!

  1. Jaime

    Loved it! Thanks Kim for another great story with great pictures!!!

  2. Andrew

    Just letting everybody know that both graphic novels are available thru iBooks (and the first has been for several months at least.

  3. jkh

    You’ve probably turned off your porch light by now and retired from the evening (it’s about 10:30 here in Seattle). Hope you had a good Halloween, and didn’t run out of candy, OR have too much left over. Every year when I was my dad’s caregiver, he’d have me get 5 bags of candy. We’d hand out about 1 bagful, and he’d happily munch his way through the rest. Of course it took him ’til after Christmas, but I, Queen Sweet Tooth, was tortured for the entire duration.

  4. Kelly

    I was wondering about the same thing as Chris. I have the whole series signed too and I would love to buy a signed copy of Blood Crime too

  5. NickinColoma

    Ms Kim–Just got my Ever After tour/roadie t….I wonder if I was thought up when the “Don’t Panic” buttons were included……NickinColoma.

  6. I just installed Windows 8. I’m not sure if it was a trick or a treat.

    Love the socks. I always want to tickle feet in socks like those.


    • oops, forgot to mention, BC arrives here tomorrow. I tried to get a sample for my Kindle, but it failed even though the update said it would work.

  7. Happy Samhain!
    Here Finns don’t celebrate Halloween, instead we have a celebration called “Pikku Joulu” which means “Small Christmas” and as the name says it, it’s a small festivity in preparation for Christmas.
    Coworkers get together, friends, families and basically eat, joke, dance and have fun mostly. 🙂 It’s really nice.
    I got so excited about A Perfect Blood being nominated I just had to go and vote immediately. (Anxious? who me? nahhh).

    On a different note (and I promise not to bore you guys anymore), are you going to go down to Nicola’s books to sign Blood Crime?


  8. I used to have a bowl of candy corn sitting out . . .

  9. Happy Halloween! Yes I too have more Halloween decorations than Xmas deco (2 shelves for scary & 1/2 shelf for santa). We have a lot of animatronics that will scare the pants off the kiddies (and most adults too). I was dressed in a psychotic clown outfit last year and sat on the front porch. I wouldn’t move until someone reached for the candy. It was great! This year we are stuffing that costume & putting it in the same spot (always mess with their heads) and then my hubby is dressing as a zombie and will pull the “is that real?” bit off to the side. We have a crawling zombie torso that works by remote instead of motion. He’s great and the 2 yr old named him Bob. I get to have the control for Bob. He moves forwards, backwards, left and right. We have about 6 other various things that move, talk and moan. Plus the black lights, carved pumpkins and graveyard. It’s going to be a gas!

  10. bethnoir

    Happy Hallowe’en to you! It’s cold and wet here, candles keep blowing out, but we’ve had a trick or treater already.

  11. Chris

    Happy Halloween! Hey Kim, I was wondering if there way a way to get a signed copy of Blood Crime? I’ve got signed copies of the entire Hollows series and accompanying books. I would like to get include this to my collection. Any ideas?

  12. Martin

    I love the socks. Fuzzy socks are important.

  13. CYeager

    Halloween is my Christmas – we have a storage room rented exclusively for it the deco. I’m so glad I have kindred spirits in the world!

    Just finished A Perfect Blood and can’t wait to see what the contest details are tomorrow!

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