Wow, what a night

I hope everyone in the path of Sandy is safe and warm. She’s just now hitting us in Michigan. Yes, we’ve got snow. I don’t expect it to last, but it’s making the roads slick with ice until it burns off.

I’ve got an early morning appointment, but after that, I’ll be parking it in my office for the rest of the day and watching the snow and trying to get some work done. It’s hard knowing that so many people are digging out. My thoughts are with you.

P.S .I know I told that guy at the bulb place we could have snow by Halloween and to ship my bulbs pronto, but I didn’t expect it. Sheesh!



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10 responses to “Wow, what a night

  1. Donna

    Not too cold here in Washington, but it sure is wet! Raining for the past week. Suppose to be clear sky tomorrow for Halloween, so I will keep my fingers crossed. I have two girls who are looking forward to some series Trick or Treating time.

  2. jkh

    I knew it was going to be a colossal mess in NYC. As my sister observed: “First they shut down mass transit, then they tell people to evacuate. This in a city famous for its fewest number of cars per capita.” Along with everybody else, my good energy to those in the stricken regions.

  3. My cold, snowy, windy day got much better when I came home from work and saw that Blood Crime arrived!

  4. Wow, snow 😀 It’s gotten rather cold since last night – as if winter decided to make an abrupt entrance and now I’m left sporting (erm, concealing) a running nose *grins*. But it’s never snowed here, even on the coldest day in the city’s history. Even though it would mean it would be much colder for the suffering yours truly, I’d have loved a chance to make snowmen 😉

  5. We have a white pine tree through our house! Took out my laundry room. Even so, I feel pretty lucky as no one got hurt and a lot of people got it even worse. Ironically, we were uber-prepared for long-term power outages and power is still on. Stay safe out there. This was one nasty storm.

  6. Hi Ms. Kim- I’m glad you stayed Warm and safe. We are just very wet here in the village,since it’s been raining since last Friday.No snow, but who knows?

  7. It’s going down to 37 tonight. That’s really cold for us this early into the season. Last week or lows were in the high 60s. The true indicator that it’s cold outside, both cats stayed in last night. 😉


  8. KenzieLea

    I think this is hilarious, and wonderfully shows how different the climates are in the north than the south, cause you said you expected snow in October, where as here in Houston we never expect there to be snow, we’ll definitely see cold rains, occasionally some hail if it gets windy enough, but in my life time there has been snow twice. It’s funny to read someone talking about expecting snow, and writing about the first snow today, when it is just begining to get cold here.

  9. melodyuann

    Look what you did Kim, you jinxed us! lol! Glad I got my bulbs in early! Central Ohio is a snowy-slushy-icy mess this morning, and my son’s school closed. Though we aren’t sure if its due to road conditions or potential flooding. I hope everyone is staying safe during this mess!

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