Hunkering down

If I had to use one word to describe the weekend, it would be hunkering down, which is technically two words, but there it is. It had nothing to do with Sandy, seeing as we are far enough inland that it will be likely reduced to a severe wind-and-rain event with limited flooding on Halloween, but I think the hype has triggered a deeper need to prepare for winter a tad early.

Saturday was a blitz of baking followed by a few hours in the yard pulling leaves out from my side yard. Only one more corner to go now, and they will all be at the curb. I do think I’ve run out of nice days to get them there, though. I’ve been picking away at tucking my yard in for the winter for almost six weeks, but finally the view out my window is green and earthy black, and the cement and metal decorations of summer are tucked in the basement. Storm windows went up yesterday on the few original windows left on the house, and I planted a few last crocus in the new landscape island I put in this fall. Hunkering down is easier when you’ve got a pattern, almost a pleasure when it’s tied to memories of being warm and close to the ones you love when the storm shakes the windows and moves on to check the latch of the next house on the street.

Now I’m in my toasty office, starting out at a bleak landscape pared down to the bones, with the trees bare and little numbs of green hugging the ground to weather the coming winter. The birds are active at the feeders, which makes me happy, and I’m imagining my yard in snow and liking what I see, even it it’s in my mind’s eye.

And wow, I think we’re going to get an early taste of winter this year. For those of you in Sandy’s path, hunker down and ride it out, be it at home or the emergency shelters. NY has been on the news the most, and I’m imagining it with open streets and empty sidewalks.  I can see it very easily, though it’s got to be creepy as all get-out.  I’ve got a notion that these freak storms on the edges of the season shifts are going to become the norm, so find your pattern to make it easier. And do as I tell Thing Two before he goes off to school, “Smart decisions.”

I‘ve got one thing for you that came in late Friday for all you Trick-or-Treaters! INTO THE WOODS made Houston Press’s list of the top six Halloween reads.  6 New Books We Like Check it out! KRAMPUS and DEVIL SAID BANG also made it.  Whoo-hoo! I am delighted that INTO THE WOODS made this list. Spider Web, especially, feels kind of Halloween creepy to me.

And tomorrow is the release day for BLOOD CRIME, book two in the graphic novel saga of how Ivy met Rachel.  🙂 See Blood Crime for more info and where to find it.


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12 responses to “Hunkering down

  1. jkh

    We’ve had quite a bit of wind here in my neighborhood of Seattle, since last night; really strange to feel the wind slam my building here on the 5th floor — and I live in a valley! The weather wonks say this is the last non-rainy day for maybe a week, pretty typical this time of year. So I looked out my candles and lighter, just in case. Absolutely nothing like a hurricane, flood, or blizzard, though. Good thoughts to all.

  2. Howdy ma’am,

    I’ve had BLOOD CRIME pre-ordered for 6 months now. I’m really looking forward to it. I’ll probablly get the Kindle version too. It depends on how it looks in Kindle format.

    The only effect we got from Sandy was moderate breezes and an overcast sky all day Saturday. It wasn’t bad at all.


  3. We are very hunkered here, watching the oak trees sway like saplings. We aren’t getting the brunt of it … not even close to the center, but the trees against the sullen dark sky makes my heart heavy. I have a sick feeling, ominous, scary. This storm is not hype. It is the real thing.

  4. I still have some plants to cut back and clean up but the weather hasn’t been cooperative. Looks like my neighbors may have to look at sad dead greenery this year. I am praying for tons of snow to cover it up. We need plenty of moisture this winter after that hot dry summer.

  5. Hi Ms. Kim-Just remember that evolution,global warming etc don’t exist(If you’re republican.) Only thinking people have to strugle with it.

  6. Oops! On your link to your Blood Work/Blood Crime page, you have it saying that Blood Crime is scheduled for 10/31/12 release. Thought you’d want to know. Looking forward to getting it in the mail from amazon! I pre-ordered it and Ever After (as well as Into The Woods, though it is out now). LOVE your work!!!

  7. Nici

    It actually did snow on Saturday and Sunday in the south of Germany – and the snow is still here today… But it isn’t all that bad and the view out of my office window in really nice, seeing all these snow covered trees. It looks really pretty.

    Well anyway, I wish you all the best and hope it goes all well for the ones of you who will be hit by Sandy today.

  8. missy

    I’m in nyc. Not looking forward to this. May make a spiked hot tea,and bake some cream cheese orange buns ….mmmm…..
    Can post the recipes if anyone is interested . 🙂

  9. Very excited about Blood Crime…there’s never too much Rachel/Ivy interaction. The preview on Amazon was such a tease.
    Have a great day!

  10. I think your vision of NY just gave me a bunny – I’ll let it simmer, boiling bunnies! Lol!
    Smart decisions – I like that. I’m going to start saying that one to the kiddos instead of, ‘Don’t talk to any perverts or weirdos.’ I have a friend from a big city and her Mum used to say, ‘Don’t talk to the flashers’ – classic!
    Stay safe everyone x

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