Risking the Jinks

I know I’m risking jinksing it, but I think I might have gotten my little elm tree to hold its leaves through the fall. It’s still kind of early yet to breathe that sigh of relief, but I’ve only lost about half the leaves. The instructions (yes, the tree came with instructions) said if I brought it in soon enough, it might not drop them, and I’m tickled that I might have actually timed it right.

I’ve tried keeping little trees in pots alive before, and every time up to now they end up as dead sticks. Do I blame myself and wear the pin of “black thumb” or “tree killer”? No. Unless the neglect is severe, usually it takes a plant several months to die, so that pretty plant I bought at the store I can’t keep alive might not be my fault, but the place I bought it at. I had my doubts about this one, too, when it lost half its leaves early this summer due to transport stress, but it bounced back and I’d give it about a five on the one-to-ten  scale right now. Ugly and in need of work, but the structure and bones are good.

The thing is . . . I want to be good at this so I keep trying, seeing the past failures every time I water it. But it’s only now when I have this tiny bit of success that I realize the baggage of dead trees in my past have slowed me down, made me hesitant when I should have been practicing  this art a little more because of the failures, not despite them.  So here’s to little trees and our desire to see them flourish. I shall go forth more confidently now, learning from the past dead sticks instead of being intimidated by them.

Writing is sort of like that.

If I can keep this little sucker alive, I’ll show you what happens in the spring.


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13 responses to “Risking the Jinks

  1. Hope it goes well. Such a nice litte tree.

  2. Robin

    Have you tried burying charged green toumaline in the soil?

  3. I’ve discovered it’s really, really easy to overwater banana trees, but I had a little orange tree once that seemed to tolerate just about any indignity.

  4. Stormie

    I had the same problems with my Ficus tree loosing leaves when I had to move it more than 2 inches, till I learned the trick. May your bonzaii be blessed with tons of chlorophyll
    and years of smiles for you.

  5. Kathy Goldberg

    That is so cool, I’m “rooting” for you Kim. I’ve never been good with little trees, they are quite different from their larger cousins. If you get this little guy to thrive then I might just have to give it another try myself. Here’s to little trees everywhere. ❤

  6. I love your little tree – I’m thinking Good Thoughts for its survival. Have to confess, I’m not much of a plant person. Dogs and cats are more my thing – not as fragile as plants seem to be.

  7. Bel

    I love your little tree! I feel your pain about losing one. I myself just lost one of my favorites. It was a Harry Lauder’s walking stick tree. I mourned for three days. I’m still thinking about getting me another one I just haven’t yet. So I hope you have all the success with this one! =)

  8. jkh

    I don’t think I’m a good candidate for bonsai. I managed to accomplish the demise of Lucky Bamboo, even! To be honest, there were a few preoccupations in my life, and nobody else paid any attention to it, either. I am going to try again, though, because it’s just about my preferred level of indoor plant.

  9. Mendi in STL

    Heyde Hey!
    I always wanted to do Bonzai but never took up the snips. Hope this one’s success continues! Oh and Happy Fall! 🙂

  10. Brenda Mossbarger

    When I have gardening setbacks I console myself with the following quote:

    “If you are not killing plants, you are not really stretching yourself as a gardener.” J.C. Raulston

  11. jess larlee

    I’m glad I’m not the only one that has failed these little trees! But I keep trying, my boyfriend just shakes his head when I pick up a new one. I tell him one of these times it will live. 🙂

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