Manic Monday, lightening round

Manic Monday is over. I am so totally overwhelmed right now. The hardcovers went unexpectedly fast, and I’m shocked and embarrassed that I misjudged this so badly. We didn’t get anywhere near the hour window. Guy feels as bad as I do, so we’re going to keep it going a short time longer with the understanding that the A PERFECT BLOOD are gone. We have hard covers for Pale Demon and Black Magic Sanction and White Witch, Black Curse that we were going to offer later, but if you will take one of these instead, we will ship them to you at the same price as A PERFECT BLOOD. Please give Guy a day or two to reorganize and contact you to see if you would like your pay-pal refunded or the other title offer.

Again, I am embarrassed that we misjudged this so badly, which is why I’m trying to make it better. 
Manic Monday ends at 12:30 EST
Update 10/25 : Manic Monday-ers. Guy has contacted everyone who had a choice of an alternate book or funds refunded and is waiting to hear back from you by Friday noon, EST. If you sent him funds and haven’t got an email from Guy, then your book is already on the way to you. 🙂 Thank you again for your understanding. It was shocking how fast they went.

Want a signed Harrison book? In celebration of the mass market of A Perfect Blood hitting the NY Times list, I’m giving away signed copies of the hardcover for postage and handling.

We’ve got about 70 of these, so between noon and 1:00 EST today, paypal Guy your address and the appropriate shipping and handling to and if you are among the first 70, we will send you a signed hardcover of A Perfect Blood. We think this will take about an hour, but if they are all claimed before the one-hour window, I will repost here and at FB and of course refund any paypal monies that slipped in the meantime.

Again, wait until noon, EST, or your money will be refunded. Put Manic Monday in the subject line so he doesn’t get them confused with the Tour T’s being offered right now as well.

USA will be $4.10
Canada is $10.70 and will take a few weeks extra shipping time.
International is $19.95, and it might take up to six weeks.
Everything should be in the post by Friday. Seventy pieces of mail take some time to address.

Make sure you put your current address in at the notes to seller space.  **** No address in the notes to seller space, and your money will be refunded.****

As for me, I had a great weekend with decorating and moving leaves around, but I ate way too much sugar. I think it’s the shifting seasons that pull me into bad eating habits. It’s either that, or I’m in the kitchen a lot more. But regardless, it started Friday night with me making shortbread for dinner, then doughnuts and a carmel apple for breakfast on Saturday, and ending on Sunday with making (and eating) maple sugar candy for dinner. (recipe in The Hollows Insider)  I tried pouring the candy into pumpkin molds this time, and it worked out fantastic. After fifteen years of making this recipe, I finally think I might have this down. Dude, this is really good stuff, but if the only thing it has in it is maple syrup, whipping cream, and butter, you know it’s not good for you.

I think I’ll be eating cereal and yogurt today.


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25 responses to “Manic Monday, lightening round

  1. spychick2008

    ok i goofed. i have a signed copy of perfect blood i forgot i got earlier in the year and i got another one in the manic monday lightning round. I am willing to swap this signed hardcover for a signed one i am missing. each pay our own priority postage bubble mailer ( only US mailing $5.25 cost) anyone have a fistful of charms? or white witch black curse email me at thanks and i was going to ask Guy to keep it and send me a different oner and i never sent the email when Kim extended out the other books. too much on my mind surgery looming nov 20 sheesh… would like to have the books swapped to read by then thanks.KAT in NJ

  2. Hi Ms. Kim-so glad to hear that manic monday is in full swing.One day it will fall on a monday when I have some money to spend.Although I don’t know why I worry,I’m rapidly getting to where the print is too small.My Doc was by the house, she says my diabetis is great, but my kidneys are crapping out,and my bloodpressure is up to 160/100. Back on the pills again. And remember-watch out for the exploding ketchup bottles.

  3. jkh

    Cereal and yogurt are good for breakfast or maybe lunch, but how about a pot of soup made with all kinds of vegetables (except the cabbage/broccoli type — they’re better quickly and lightly cooked) and some beans for protein, plus some whole-grain rolls or crackers? I know the urge to go for bad carbs can be strong. But think of all the handsome athletes in your home, and their clear complexions…

  4. The readers who LOVE your books aren’t surprised that 70 books were snatched up in a half hour. I’m hopeful that I got one but I would love one of the other ones if not.

  5. Carmela

    Oops, I didn’t see your update Kim. Sorry I will just wait to hear from Guy.

  6. Carmela

    I sent my payment. Fingers cross, I hope I get a copy 🙂
    I am saving these books for my daughter. I hope she will love Rachel as much as I did 🙂

    Happy Manic Monday everyone!

  7. Aw no need to be embarrassed! I was curious if 70 books would last an hour… I know how excited I get sitting at my computer waiting for the clock to hit noon! You’ve got some crazy excited fans!

  8. Hope I made it in but if not, I’ll happily take a substitute book!! (per: way, I’m super excited to get my first signed Hollows book!

  9. i think i got it right after locking myself out of two yahoo accounts as i i was so excited and felt pressured that i could not remeber my very complicated passwords. ughhhhhhhh. so i hope after talking to a linguistically non englidh gal at paypal i got it through. i really didn’t know paypal was a seperate entity from EBAY. learned something new.

  10. Candis Yeager

    How exactly will we know if we were one of the first 70? I think it was after noon EST (my clock said 12:03), but you never know…….I hope I was – been wanting a copy of this one I can share with my mom, who also loves this series……

    We’ll keep rooting for someone to pick it up as a TV series – it’s got all of the makings for a FANTASTIC show!

    • Candis Yeager

      …not at ALL surprised about the outpouring of responses to your post. I hope I was lucky enough to get a copy of this one – the only that I haven’t read! Fingers crossed that 12:04 p.m. was early enough to snag my copy!!! (Happy birthday to me, if I did!!!!)

  11. we have to send money right?
    ok ok.. ammmm i sent an email and the paypal money 😀
    sorry for spaming Guy, I’m a happy fan 😀

  12. Hot Chocolate!! Glad I logged on before late afternoon…PayPal sent and now I”m off for a Rachel ‘demon’ latte….almost addictive as the series.
    Thanks for a Fab Manic Monday!

  13. vampyre

    Will you be giving away cookies with EVERAFTER? That would be cool.


  14. Tamsyn

    Will try and enter this one. Just got to work out the time difference :o)

  15. I think you’re right about the shifting seasons making for bad eating habits. I’d been doing really well with my nutritional diet until the last couple of weeks. Now it’s all sugar all the time!

    Since I already have a signed copy of A Perfect Blood, I’ll leave the Manic Monday giveaway to those who don’t. Good luck, everyone!

  16. Kelly

    I was lucky to get my books signed on her last tour which I am so grateful for but thanks for the wonderful Manic Monday because people who want signed books can get them! You are so great to your fans!!!

  17. Well, I was playing with PayPal to see how this works (because I never used it except on ebay)… and I accidentally sent the money already. Oops. Gonna retry at noon. 😉 I am very excited about this.

  18. Amber

    *sigh* I need to not have access to the internet before sufficient coffee. Read and processed all that except for the “noon and 1:00 EST” part. I’ll see if I’m properly caffeinated after I finish my coffee to figure out how to cancel and redo the request at the correct time. :\ Boo on too much blood in my caffeine system!!!

  19. Amanda

    On the weekend I tried out the waffles. They were a big hit in our household all the kids (big and little) loved them!

  20. AKR (Trinidad)

    Awwww … I’m here for the Manic Monday …
    And what’s this?? a signed hardcover copy of A Perfect Blood ??
    Now what are the chances that I already have that??!!!
    Lucky me ..!! My Dad went to a signing for me ….
    SO it wouldn’t be fair of me to try for one …
    A wonderful giveaway Kim …
    Thank you … ❤


  21. vickie knight

    Would love a copy, I have all of your books in hardcover except this one. Love these books

  22. Lesley

    I hear ya on the sugar. Four birthday parties this weekend. FOUR!

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